Justin Gaethje v Conor McGregor is heating up. The Highlight is one of the most entertaining fighters in the UFC today. However, he’s in the strange position of having to wait for his opportunity. He believes he’s worthy of a title shot but failing that demands a clash with the Irishman.

After three consecutive wins and knockouts, Gaethje has established a reputation as a knockout artist. He was once a savage brawler but his game has evolved. Now he’s more clinical, waiting for the right time to land his shot. A clash with McGregor would make perfect sense as a title eliminator at 155lbs.

It seems increasingly likely that he’s going to get it. Now bantamweight champion and self-proclaimed ‘King of Cringe’ Henry Cejudo has revealed what he thinks will happen if they fight. In short, he doesn’t have much hope for McGregor. Check out his tweet below.

No Chance

Gaethje’s comments came after McGregor released footage of him training in his basement gym. He unloaded savage shots as he tries to keep in shape for whoever he fights next. That may be Gaethje. However, 135lb champ Cejudo was unimpressed. He fired shots at the Irishman with the following tweet:

“And that’s actually what the problem is! Conor McGregor you should be working your takedown defense #Mctapper Justin Gaethje would destroy in round one! #pussycat

Now the chances that McGregor cares about Cejudo’s opinion are very slim. As one of the two most annoying figures in MMA today, Cejudo really doesn’t help his case. Cejudo, Gaethje and McGregor’s arch-nemesis Khabib Nurmagamedov are all represented by Ali Abdelaziz’s Dominance MMA. So, of course, he’ll take Gaethje’s side.

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Next Up

Coach Owen Roddy believes that McGregor will fight again in July. He intends to treat this year as a season. Assuming the coronavirus doesn’t get in the way, there’s a good chance it will happen. Roddy spoke to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. He revealed the timeframe they have in mind.

“Most definitely. That’s the plan hopefully,” Roddy said. “Bring the UFC back to life as well with all these shows being canceled and stuff like that, I think a fight on July 11 would bring the UFC back to life and get everybody back on track. So my fingers are crossed and I’m sure the rest of the world’s fingers are crossed for that fight.”

No. We just want Tony v Khabib.

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There’s no doubt that McGregor v Gaethje would be an intriguing fight. McGregor is already the favorite amongst bookmakers but Gaethje is a dangerous foe. In short, you don’t want to brawl with him because he’s a savage. Furthermore, he’s got an excellent wrestling base, even if we haven’t seen it yet.

“Anyone to be honest but you know, maybe Gaethje,” Roddy said. “There is a lot of talk about Gaethje. I mean, he’s an exciting fighter, Gaethje. I would like to see it, I’m sure you’d like to see it, and I’m sure the rest of the world would like to see it. So yeah, potentially that, but to be honest, anyone. I know Conor is raring to go and everyone will be raring to go by the time July comes around.”

In sum, this would be an exciting fight. Who do you think wins?

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