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New Footage Reveals the Insane Moment Khabib Nurmagamedov Spoke to Conor McGregor During His Second Round Battering of the Irish Fighter… 

It’s easy to forget that Khabib Nurmagamedov and Conor McGregor actually fought a real title fight at UFC 229 yesterday. All the chaos of the aftermath took away from the fact that Khabib put in another outrageously dominant performance and emphatically proved that he is a unique and elite athlete.

The highlight of his performance was an incredibly dominant round two. He unexpectedly dropped McGregor with a hammer of a right hand, then mounted him and proceeded to bludgeon him for the remainder of the round. It was all ‘The Notorious’ could do to tough it out and come back for the third.

Now new footage has revealed exactly what the Dagestani lightweight champion told the Irishman as he rained down the beating of his life from top position. It was truly sensational. Watch below.

Let’s Talk Now

McGregor had been his typical bombastic and charismatic self in the run-up to this one. He lost some fans when he went too far, crudely targeting Khabib’s family members, religion and culture. However, he was convinced that he was going to win this one. He said at the pre-fight press conference.

“I am going to maul him and then let’s see who’s doing the talking, let’s see who’s having a conversation in there.”

Both men famously speak to their opponents when they fight, as they try to demoralize and dishearten their normally outclassed opposition. Khabib once famously spoke to Dana White, who was sat outside the cage, as he rained blows down on a helpless Michael Johnson. It’s exciting and intimidating.


At 2:54 mins of the first round, Khabib sent McGregor a terrifying message, as he spoke to the helpless Irishman, who was getting battered like never before in his life. He told ‘The Notorious”:

“Let’s talk now”.

Possibly one of the most frightening things ever seen in an octagon. Khabib had said pre-fight that he was going to try and change McGregor’s face. He did his utmost to do that, and totally ragdolled the Irishman in the second round. He literally couldn’t move, barely able to cover his face and squirm away from blow after blow. A definite 10-8 round.

Screenshot: Twitter.


The fight didn’t go all Khabib’s way. He definitely lost the third round, as McGregor slipped back into a counter-striking style. It would be fascinating to see how he could deal with the erratic pressure of Tony Ferguson. We can dream. There’s also the possibility that he lost the first. Despite having McGregor down for about 75% of the round, he didn’t do anything, just lying on the Irishman and moving position. That one could realistically have been scored either way.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Khabib Nurmagamedov. Will he be stripped of the title after igniting the most ridiculous brawl in the history of MMA? Will his $3 million pay-day be released, after it was withheld by the Nevada State Commission? Will he ever fight again. We can only wait and see.

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