WATCH: Tony Ferguson v Anthony Pettis Was an Epic Slugfest

By Dazzler

Tony Ferguson Vs Anthony Pettis Was Unfortunately Overshadowed by the Main Event… The Two Men Threw Everything But The Kitchen Sink at Each Other in a Fantastic Advertisement For Mixed Martial Arts…

With all the drama that unfolded at UFC 229 last night, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that there were actually other fights on the card and that some of them were excellent. Derrick Lewis had a massive highlight reel moment, but the fight of the night went to Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis, who put on a phenomenal show for fans.

Former interim champion Ferguson came into this as the number three ranked lightweight in the world. He remains bitter about how he was stripped and recovered ridiculously quickly from a devastating LCL injury. After 6 months – with no physiotherapy – he was already making his comeback.

Meanwhile, Pettis had gone two fights unbeaten and the former lightweight champion was looking to make a late run for the belt again. Both men threw down with all they had, and it was epic.


This was an excellent performance from Ferguson whose game plan was to keep pushing forward, not giving Pettis the space to work any of his kicks. He landed jabs at will, but Pettis did find joy early on with some stinging leg kicks, leaving El Cucuy limping. Ferguson was able to recover and kept battering away at Pettis, who did his best to counter. Ferguson ended the round with a ‘Showtime’ punch, jumping off the cage with a right hand.

Things got spicy in the second round when after about ten seconds, Pettis landed a heavy overhand right. It was there all day and he almost made it count. Ferguson dropped and was clearly hurt. He scrambled, and rolled like a video game character, catching a hammer fist.

Hard Core

However, Ferguson is one of the toughest individuals on the roster. He bit down on his gum shield, got back to his feet and went to town on Pettis. The two men punched and slashed with elbows, leaving each other bloody. Pettis had a massive cut on his temple, and the doctor was called in to take a look.

A gritty and bloody performance was ended when the second round finished. Duke Roufus, Pettis’s head coach, threw in the towel after Showtime revealed that he’d broken his hand. It was a pity that this one ended early, but it was definitely the right decision and kudos to his corner for having their fighter’s best interests at heart.

What Next?

It’s a real pity for Pettis that his run towards the title has hit a brick wall again. You can’t help but feel it is probably for the best because his style would be absolutely mauled to oblivion by champion Khabib Nurmagamedov (if he remains champion.)

Many believe that Ferguson could be Nurmagamedov’s kryptonite. His eccentric style is so difficult to prepare for. He’s also got a black belt in 1oth Planet Ju-Jitsu and is excellent off his back. But they’ve already been booked four times…

This fight was everything good about MMA. It had a combination of unbelievable skill, entertainment and mutual respect. More of that please.