WATCH: Diego Sanchez’s Self Awareness Coach’s Bizarre Training

By Darren
WATCH: Diego Sanchez’s Self Awareness Coach’s  Bizarre Training

First of all, Diego Sanchez is a legend. He’s been around since the very first edition of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. But he probably shouldn’t be licensed to fight much longer. Sanchez is 1-1 since leaving legendary MMA gym Jackson-Wink for his new trainer Joshua Fabia.

Fabia is the owner of the ‘School of Self-Awareness’ and has been Sanchez’s sole cornerman for his past two fights. In sum, most fans seem to think that he’s some sort of conman because his methods and advice are absolutely bizarre. You can see them in the footage below.

Sanchez got a win in his last fight by disqualification after he was hit by an illegal knee. Michel Pereira was crushing him before this but things just turned out weird. In short, Sanchez’s career just got weirder. But we don’t think it’s even reached peak levels yet.


At the end of the first round, Fabia proceeded to give Sanchez some very strange advice. This is word for word what he said. Now we know that different camps have their own codes. For example, Mark Henry has a different code for each of his fighters. But Fabia sounded like he was making it up as he went along. He said:

“Five recovery breaths. Five recovery breaths. Sip the water. Do your thing. Good. Five recovery breaths. In the nose, out the mouth. Listen carefully. Listen carefully – you are stopping your motion. Do not wait to see your work. I need forward, forward pressure.

I need you to get off the line before you attack – off the line before you attack. V drill. V drill. Think of the shadow, shadow. I need you to get in, OK? Get in, get behind. If it gets tight, gets sticky, take him to the ground. Get on top. Give me some ride time. Give me some ground and pound.”


But it would get even worse at the end of the second. First of all, Fabia tried to tell him that he won the first round on points. This was after Pereira beat the life out of him. To sum up, there really wasn’t anything good about this. Finally, Fabia told Sanchez not to let him trigger him.

“Listen to me. You need to go, all right? You need to go. I need to see you go swinging. You know why? Because you’ve got nothing to lose now. He just won that round with that throw. You had the other round on points, on contact. All right? So you’ve got to get a takedown. You’ve got to hold him down. You’ve got to work this mother(expletive) over. You hear me You’ve got to do your f***ing job. Get to work. All right? Quit acting like you don’t know how to do it. Do not let him trigger you.”


One man who was totally confused was Trevor Wittman. Wittman is one of the best coaches in the business but had no idea what Fabia was talking about. He’s also working as a ringside analyst for the UFC these days. When asked about the advice, he was totally bemused. In sum, he made it clear that Sanchez didn’t win the first round and that the lack of technical advice was ridiculous.

“Oh, he didn’t win the first round,” Wittman said. “The thing is, give him some – he needs some technical advice on how does he close the gap, what does he need to do. Yes, we know his go-to. He’s got to wrestle, but give him some technical stuff. I just feel like what’s going on tonight, watching this is crazy. It’s crazy to me.”

Furthermore, it has emerged that Fabia is also Sanchez’s manager now. In short, there isn’t much else to say.