Tyson Fury is Ready to Batter Deontay Wilder in Rematch

By Darren
Tyson Fury is Ready to Batter Deontay Wilder in Rematch

One of the most anticipated fights in recent boxing history is almost upon us. Deontay Wilder will attempt to defend his WBC heavyweight title against Tyson Fury. The pair fought out a draw last year in controversial circumstances.

Most fans and commentators believed that Fury had outpointed Wilder across twelve rounds. But The Bronze Bomber dropped Fury twice, including a ferocious knockdown in the final round. The Gypsy King rose like the Undertaker at the end of the 10-count. It was insane.

Right now, Wilder is the favorite. Fury has changed camps after leaving his former trainer Ben Davison for Sugarhill Stewart. Will it pay off, or will he be getting picked up off the canvas?

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This time Fury plans to take it out of the judges’ hands. The Gypsy King knows he’s fighting on enemy territory and doesn’t want to get cheated out of a win again. So he’s ready to put on a clinic and knock out the champion. He’s not known for his one-punch power so this would be a change in strategy.

“Because it’s Las Vegas and I want to put on a show,” he said. “I want a knockout this time. I’d prefer to go down swinging than outboxing him and not getting the decision. That means I’ve lost. Draw equals loss to me. Rather than lose then I’ll go out swinging. I’m not getting an unfair decision this time. I’m going to make it so I’m in control and I take it out of anybody’s hand.”

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Easy Money

The lineal champion made it clear that he is not afraid of Wilder and his ferocious power. He says that Wilder has a padded record and has had hardly any tough fights.

“I look at Wilder and I don’t see a tough fight: I see a long-legged pussy that I’m going to break in. I am going to give him his first loss. That’s what I’m going to do to Deontay Wilder. People go on about his knockout power and him being the biggest puncher in heavyweight history but who you have fought counts,” he said.

“Honestly, over here in America, they call his level of opposition ‘tomato cans’. He has only had probably seven competitive fights, where people have actually tried to fight back. The rest were duck-egg dummies, only there to fall over.”

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However, Wilder doesn’t think that Fury is as confident as his words make out. He believes that the memory of his twelfth round knockdown will make the British heavyweight pause. Of course, only time will tell if that’s true. The Bronze Bomber said:

“Deep down in his heart, I really feel that he’s nervous. I really feel he’s very, very nervous from the first time what happened. When you knock a person down and give them a concussion, you never forget that. You never forget who did that to you and how they did it,” Wilder said.

“When you’re going back in there with them a second time to relive that moment all over again, it has to be stressful. You definitely can’t sleep at night.”