Conor McGregor just flipped the script on the UFC…

After four years of fighting for the UFC, Conor McGregor has become a force of nature. Not only has he won two UFC titles, featherweight and lightweight, but he now holds all the bargaining chips.

Having taken ten months off UFC work, fans expected to see Conor McGregor back by the summer. As far as his UFC career is concerned, that’s looking very unlikely now. During a sit down interview with Ariel Helwani last night, McGregor blew the lid off everything.

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McGregor vs. The UFC

Taking matters in to his own hands after being stripped of the featherweight title? Yeah, pretty much. McGregor lays it out plain and simple here, stating he’s fighting Mayweather next, whether the UFC ‘allows’ him or not.

Here’s the best quotes:

“The sound of laughter and the sound of doubt motivates me. So I’m enjoying that. I seek that. I don’t feel that going to fight any of these other UFC bums right now. They need to rise up. Right now, they’re down there. I’ve got this situation where people are truly doubting me, like they doubted me at the very, very beginning, and that’s motivating for me. That’s what’s going to drive me to the gym when I need to go to the gym, and to put in that work to get that win. So that’s where we’re at right now.”

“With the Ali Act, I believe I can,” McGregor said. “Especially now that there’s offers on the table. But I think it’s smoother if we’re all involved. I think we’re all about good business. I’ve done great business with the UFC, with Dana (White), with everyone. I think it’s smoother if everyone just gets together and we get it involved. But again, everyone’s got to know their place.”

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‘F*ck The UFC’

“Everyone’s got to know their place,” McGregor reiterated. “There’s Mayweather Promotions, there’s the UFC, and now the newly formed McGregor Promotions, and we’re all in the mix. So that’s what I’m saying. Nobody is my boss. I know Floyd likes to say Dana (White) is my boss and this and he decides. Hell no. Nobody decides this. If they let people go fight jiu-jitsu tournaments, they can’t stop me going to fight a boxing fight. So obviously it’s smoother to do it all together, but look, everyone’s just got to know their place, and everyone does know their place. Low key, everyone knows their place, so we’ll figure it out.”

“(Mayweather) is the scared side, let’s be honest,” McGregor said. “He’s not trying to have a real fight. He needs rules to protect him. I don’t need rules. So he can say he’s this and he’s that, but in reality, he’s scared sh*tless. He is scared sh*itless. If I decide to just fight him straight-up – look, f*ck the UFC, f*ck MMA, f*ck boxing, f*ck sports fighting. Let’s just say we fight. It’d be the easiest fight ever.”

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Dana White and the UFC hold a press conference announcing UFC 205, the first UFC event in the state of New York. Credit: Alex Huggan/

Dana White’s Response

Clearly not in the best of moods, Dana White sent out a blunt and clearly angry response via MMAFighting:


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