10 MMA Fighters Who Have Been Victims Of Attempted Murder

By ross
10 MMA Fighters Who Have Been Victims Of Attempted Murder

MMA fighter’s are used to suffering through incredible adversity in order to emerge victorious, but for some their toughest battles actually took place outside of the cage.

In this article we’ll look at 10 MMA fighter who have been the victims of attempted murder and against the odds lived to tell terrifying tales of having being shot or stabbed and left to die.

Darren Till

Darren Till has rapily risen up through the UFC ranks to become one of the UK’s leading stars and fought for the welterweight title, but just seven years ago he was on the verge of death outside a nightclub in Liverpool.

According to Till, on that fateful night at the tender age of 19 in 2012 he had attempted to intervene when a fight broke out involving his friends inside the club.

However, during the altercation Till was stabbed twice in the back, puncturing his lungs and missing an artery by just a single millimetre.

Outside the club, Till recalls that someone had their fingers stuck in his wound trying to save him, while he was thinking to himself, “This is it, I might die here.”

The young fighter was extremely lucky to survive and afterwards he took the advice of his coach Colin Heron and moved away from the troubled area of Liverpool he was living in to focus on his MMA training in Brazil.

That six month trip turned into four years and helped make him the man he is today and pave the way for his future career in the UFC.