Who the fook is that guy? The phrase swept the internet thanks to Conor McGregor, and the victim of that trash talk has finally responded…

Cast your minds back to October 2016. During the infamous UFC 205 press conference, Conor McGregor slaughtered Jeremy Stephens with a classic line. Stephens was sat in the back row as McGregor talked a world of trash to Eddie Alvarez.

‘Lil Heathen’ tried throwing some shade at the Irishman, but it backfired in epic fashion. ‘Who the fook is that guy?’ shouted McGregor, and for the entire month after it’s all everybody in MMA was saying.

Stephen’s record on Wikipedia and Sherdog even got edited to show a loss to McGregor. ‘The Notorious’ would go on to win the lightweight belt, and Stephens has gone 1-2. Most recently, Stephens brutalized Gilbert Melendez’s leg at UFC 215 for a decision win.

Relive that classic line from McGregor, before we check out Stephens’ absolutely SAVAGE response:

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Stephens Has Finally Fired Back

Although it took nearly a year to respond, Stephens has completely leveled McGregor with his retort. Countless memes and McGregor fans repeating the ‘who the fook is that guy?’ phrase has clearly left ‘Lil Heathen’ with no other option.

Times like these call for something original, something new, a Mom joke, apparently. OK, it’s cheesy and cliched, but Stephens has gone one step further. The fiery featherweight has actually gone and taken a photo with McGregor’s mother and posted it on Twitter.

Check it out:


Speaking after the UFC 215 win over Melendez, Stephens said he wants to make a lot more money. Considering who he’s poking fun at right now, ‘Lil Heathen’ is headed in the right direction:

“My kids are growing, and I want the best for them and the best for me and to set them up in the future,” Stephens said at the UFC 215 post-fight press conference at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, per MMA Junkie. “I’m just now starting to make good money in this sport, and it’s been a long time.

“I feel like I should be making a (expletive) more money, especially since I just beat a guy who makes probably double what I do.”

“I’m definitely going to be begging for some more money and putting on these performances (so) I can retire nice. I definitely want to retire and do some FOX analysis (work). But right now I’m a fighter, and I want to make as much money as I can.”

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“I would love that fight, but November, it’s a little tight on my schedule, and I can’t push two things back,” Stephens said of a potential fight against Aldo. “So December or January, something like that – that would be something I’d definitely look forward to. He’s a banger and a class act.

“I think me and him could get it on and give the fans a great showing. But I just can’t do November. I can’t keep pushing things back.”

Clearly Stephens is a savage in and out of the ring!

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