Edmond has ruined the careers of many fighters, but he’s also given us lots of laughs…

Edmond Tarverydyan is the most criticized and belittled coach in the history of mixed martial arts. It’s as if he’s entirely blind to things that appear obvious to even casual MMA fans.

If you walked up to a casual MMA fan before Ronda fought Holly Holm and asked them what type of strategy Ronda, an Olympic medal-winning judoka, should use against Holly Holm, a champion boxer, even they would say not to try and strike with her.

Yet that is the strategy Edmond had her fight. It’s not just that he’s a bad coach, it’s that he’s a bad coach to such an epic level that people just can’t get enough of poking fun at the guy.


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY

5. Shouting Advice to Ronda at UFC 207

“Head Movement! (repeated severl times)” – 

Edmond basically shouted “Head Movement!” at Ronda Rousey as many times as he could at UFC 207. He only stopped when Nunes knocked Ronda’s face off 48 seconds after the fight started.

In Ronda’s defense, her head did move quite a bit while Amanda was punching it. Her head even continued to move after the fight was over as it swelled out in all the places Nunes hammered it.

The absolute tragedy of this story is that almost every MMA fan knew he was telling Ronda to fight the wrong strategy. Just as she shouldn’t have charged face-first at Holly Holm her strategy should not have been to stand and trade with the hardest hitting puncher in the division. Even though everyone else knew it, somehow Edmond didn’t. His skills are in striking, so he had her fight that strategy. Good plan, buddy.

Had Rousey’s loyalty to Edmond not prevented her from hiring a coach like Greg Jackson, Duke Roufus or even anyone somewhat competent, Ronda Rousey might still be the champion of the world.

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