Today we have a fun super heavyweight knockout to enjoy, featuring a David vs. Goliath type affair.

It’s not often you see a super heavyweight fight in the world of mixed martial arts. But when you do, they are often included as part of some circus show in Japan or perhaps a lesser known MMA organization.

The subject of today’s article pits two huge men against each other, but one is nearly twice the size of the other. Mark Potter (100KG) takes on Tomasz Czerwinski who weighs a whopping 174 KG, the result is absolutely epic. Take a look:

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It ony took one shot and the big dude’s feet were literally off the ground! The smaller guy is also a professional boxer, meaning he has the clear technique advantage, but it’s still very impressive when you can end a fight with one punch.

But when you are talking about freak show fights, you have to look back to the JMMA (Japanese MMA) days. Pride FC and DREAM made a living off entertaining fans with circus show type bouts.


Fedor Emelianenko was notorious for fighting much larger, and often far less skilled opponents. One particular fight showcased Emelianenko taking on the gigantic Hong Man Choi.

The 7 foot 2 inch Hong Man Choi did actually manage to put a pretty nasty beating on ‘The Last Emperor.’ In the end though, it was the will and skill of Fedor that won him the fight, as he stopped the South Korean with an arm bar submission.


Another and far more recent type of freak show fighter is Kimbo Slice. Although he’s never reached anywhere near the status of an elite martial artist, let alone Fedor status, her has been fighting in spome of the biggest circus fights of all time.

Thankfully his son seems a lot more legitimate. Watch ‘Baby Slice’ win his pro MMA debut:

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