Nate Diaz’s Friend and Training Partner Chris Avila Receives a Fine and Suspension for a Pre-Fight Headbutt…

Combate Americas: Mexico vs the USA took place last Friday and it’s fair to say that Nate Diaz stole the thunder of all the fighters after he got involved in an altercation with fellow UFC fighter Clay Guida. This sparked a melee and ‘The Carpenter’ was left bloody after being planted face first into a security fence.

Diaz is facing police charges after the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the incident is under investigation. However, the actions of his friend Chris Avila were arguably as bad, if not worse.

25-year-old Avila was fighting Horacio Gutierrez, with the Skrap Pack there in support. However, the Californian may count himself lucky that Diaz’s behavior overshadowed his own because he snuck in a pre-fight headbutt that drew boos from the crowd. That’s really not cool at all.

Bad Sportsmanship

Before the fight starts, the referee always brings the fighters into the middle of the cage to make sure that they understand the rules and that they must listen to his commands at all times. Then they’re usually told to touch gloves if they want to. Usually, fighters do as a sign of respect. However, sometimes they really don’t like each other so they don’t.

Avila took this to the next level. The Californian has a bleak professional record of 5 wins and 7 losses. He’s definitely not a high-end fighter and after this, it’s very unlikely he’s won himself any more fans. As the referee called them in, Avila strode in, sticking his chin right into the chin of Gutierrez.

It was disrespectful and arguably should have cost him a point, even before a punch had been thrown. The referee tried to assert control, saying “Easy, easy”, but he never really had control of that situation. The entire Diaz crew haven’t done much to endear themselves to their fans this week.

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As you would expect, Avila has been penalized for his actions. He was charged $200 and hit with a 90-day suspension by the California State Athletic Commision, for practically running like a rhinoceros into ‘The Punisher’s’ chin.

To rub salt into Avila’s wounds, Gutierrez managed to take the win. That means Avila is now 0-5 in his last five fights. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about getting another day job because this MMA game just isn’t working out for him very well.


Nate Diaz is waiting to learn whether or not he’ll faces charges for his actions at the event. he has been linked to a UFC return this year. However, the Stockton native has rejected a potential match-up with UFC legend Georges St. Pierre, despite the news being broken by Dana White that the pair is in negotiations.

Meanwhile, his older brother Nick has come out and blamed being poisoned on his 2013 loss to the Canadian great. Fellow Skrap Pack member, Jake Shields has said that both men are training and could be back in action in 2018. They do keep things interesting.

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