Chuck Liddell Issues Ice Cold Response to Jon Jones

Chuck Liddell Has Responded to Jon Jones’s Brutal Message And His Message is Ice Cold…

There’s absolutely no doubt that UFC Hall-Of-Famer Chuck Liddell is a legend of MMA. A fantastic light-heavyweight champion and a member of the UFC’s most iconic generation of fighters, there was a mixed response to the announcement that he was ending his retirement. Especially after he called out Jon Jones.

It’s a fight that’s never going to happen. Dana White will never sign his 48-year-old friend and put him in harm’s way, against arguably the greatest light-heavyweight of all time. That doesn’t stop it being entertaining to think about what would happen.

Jones took Liddell’s callout about as seriously as you would expect. He laughed it off and offered to fly the “Iceman” out to New Mexico for a scrap. It’s taken a day for him to come back, but Liddell has responded to ‘Bones’ and fired shots at his disrespect.

Jon Jones fights Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: Gary Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports.

Jones’s Tweet

Liddell is expected to fight Tito Ortiz and end their trilogy, under Oscar de la Hoya’s new Goldenboy MMA promotion. However, after a couple of fights, Liddell told the MMA Hour he wants to fight Jones. After learning about Liddell’s callout, Jones fired off a series of tweets aimed at the MMA veteran. He wrote:

“In all seriousness @ChuckLiddell I appreciate your offer for a fight, but due to scheduling conflicts may not be able to fulfill till mid 2019.
In the Upcoming months I have similarly lethal opponents in Ric Flair and George Foreman awaiting”


Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Liddell’s Response

Well, Liddell has hit back at the young upstart and taken aim at Jones’s dark past. The Albuquerque-based fighter has been involved in many unsavory incidents outside the cage. The worst was when he was involved in a collision involving a pregnant woman, while he’s been banned multiple times for substance abuse. Liddell kept it short and simple.

“I figure it’s a good place for a youngin like u to learn from a true legend and champion on …”

What’s the old saying? You can’t teach class.


Liddell is a pioneer of the game. Along with Randy Couture, he’s renowned for dragging MMA kicking and screaming into the mainstream. Without him, Jones probably would never have had the amazing opportunities that he’s arguably never shown enough appreciation for. He’s been stripped of the light-heavyweight title three times.

Whether or not, Liddell should return is the source of much debate right now. Many people think that it’s a bad move. At 48, and having been out of action for 8 years, why now? He was knocked out 5 times in his last 6 fights. Time doesn’t heal your chin.

Let’s not forget that he still needs to get his MMA license back. The California State Athletic Commission has said that they will give him the seal of approval as long as he can prove he’s physically fit enough. I guess age is really just a number.

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