When they were at their best, Brazilian banger “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva and American wrestler Chael Sonnen were two of the most polarizing personalities in the UFC. Their flare for both fighting and showmanship is what is lacking in today’s current crop of UFC stars.

They may not be the most talented couple of guys. But they certainly have a way with playing off the cameras. And there is definitely bad blood as evidenced by an infamous scuffle they had years ago. They have never officially faced each other in the cage however.

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Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva will meet at Bellator 180 on June 24 in New York

Now, three years later, Sonnen and Silva get the chance to settle an old score. After originally being scheduled to meet multiple times prior, both fighters get a rare opportunity. No longer with the UFC, Sonnen and Silva will meet at Bellator 180 to put an end to their rivalry once and for all.

“I’m happy to announce to you that my next fight is done for Bellator 180, against Sonnen, an old rivalry that will finally be settled,” Silva said in a Facebook post.

“I have 49 fights and I really wanted to do this 50th fight, but more than that, it had to be with him. I was going to fight ‘Cro Cop’ at the end of the year, but I couldn’t recover. But the 50th fight, I really wanted it to be against him, and it will. And I will beat him up.”

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Check out their memorable scuffle here at TUF 3 Brazil

It’s pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things but it should also be pretty fun. In celebration of what should be an entertaining scrap between Silva (35-12-1, 1 NC) and Sonnen (28-15-1), let’s flash back to The Ultimate Fighter 3 in Brazil, when Sonnen and Silva decided to throw down right then and there and the rest of the cast got into it.

If this is the kind of action we can look forward to, then fans are in for a nice little treat.

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  1. Most guys wait for a kick to shoot for a take down but Silva loops his punches so badly Sonnen took him down easy after that right hook.

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