Wow…Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor part 2 in the UFC?

During a truly bizarre evening last night, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather squared off for the first time. Aside from the ‘vast’ size difference, the first presser of their world tour provided many talking points.

For example, Mayweather’s antics at the presser were somewhat akin to a circus ring announcer. As he paced back and forth, his strange rants on the mic actually overshadowed the terrible production value showcased by Showtime.

On top of the feedback and live bloopers, Mayweather and McGregor shared an intense staredown, but what was said during their face-off?

Conor McGregor Reveals All

Speaking with MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani, McGregor says that Mayweather actually challenged him to a mixed martial arts contest:

“He was trying to say something about the gloves, he cried about the gloves. He was saying to me ‘UFC or MMA next.’ And he was just talking shite to me. I had fun, they cut my mic. They can do what they want, but August 26 they can do nothing to stop me.”

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Mayweather Talked a Lot of Smack Too

“August 26th we’re gonna have on the same thing, and it’s gonna be the same results. It’s gonna be the same results. If you want eight ounce gloves, lets put eight ounce gloves on. If you want four ounce gloves, lets put four ounce gloves on. (McGregor’s mic is cut) Don’t fool the public! Don’t fool the public!”

“We gonna get off in that ass. That’s what we gonna do. And guess what, I’m an old man. I’m not the same man I was 20 years ago, I’m not the same fighter I was 10 years ago, I’m not the same fighter I was five years ago, I’m not even the same fighter I was two years ago. But I got enough to beat you (McGregor).”

Continue for more of Mayweather’s barbs below, but first check out this horrific blooper courtesy of Showtime and FOX Sports…

“And we know Mr. Tapout likes to quit. And you will wave that white flag. Cause you can choose which way you want to go cause – And I’m guaranteeing you this. You’re going out on your face, or you’re going out on your back. Now which way you wanna go? (McGregor’s mic is still cut off but tries to speak) That’s right, sit quiet you little b*tch. Talking about my defense, saying I got good defense. All you need to do is show up, and Ima do the rest. You can get it right now! Talking that sh*t.”

In case you were wanting to watch the rest of the tour, here’s the timetable:


Los Angeles, USA— Staples Centre, Wednesday July 12 @ 7am, AEST

Toronto, Canada — Budweiser Stage, Thursday July 13 @ 7.30am AEST

New York City, USA — Barclays Centre, Friday July 14 @ 8.30am AEST

London, UK — SSE Wembley Arena, Saturday July 15 @ 4am AEST

YouTube video

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