Floyd “TBE” Mayweather might be the best pure boxer in today’s generation, and he has scheduled an exhibition match with Logan Paul. The fight is set to take place on Feb 20, 2021

Mayweather is set to make another big payday in his probably easiest fight. Some fans suggest that Mayweather may not need a fight camp to win the fight. It might be a ridiculous fight but it will surely attract many top viewers.

Logan Paul is one of the most popular Youtubers right now, he currently has 22.6M subscribers in his Youtube account. So the casual viewers and boxing fans will surely tune in for this fight. He is also the brother of Youtube boxer, Jake Paul who knocked out Nate Robinson on the Tyson-Jones card.

Mayweather is known as the PPV King due to him always guaranteeing a big PPV show. He owns 4 of the highest PPV in-home television. The biggest was against Manny Pacquiao and the second was against Conor Mcgregor.

Mayweather’s fight against Conor Mcgregor was projected to beat the Pacquiao fight PPV-wise but failed in the end. It is still a huge accomplishment considering Mcgregor is just about to make his Boxing Debut. It is just that Mcgregor is the biggest name in MMA.

Logan Paul was the one who called out Mayweather, calling him a 50-1. The fight will be an exhibition match so it won’t affect both fighter’s records. The commission will probably not sanction the fight to happen in a professional bout due to safety.

Even though Paul is the bigger man by a lot, Mayweather will come in as the heavy favorite. No offense to Paul but he just started boxing and Mayweather is arguably the best boxer of this era, so it is a no-brainer.

Mayweather has already indicated in his past interviews that he wants to stay retired but always comes back due to his love of money. He unretired when Mcgregor called him out for a money fight in which he got huge pay of around $300M.

The last fight of Mayweather was also an exhibition match against a Japanese kickboxer, Tenshin Nasukawa. He reportedly made around $10M which the fight ended in just 1 round. The Japanese fighter was undersized that Mayweather can just walk through his punches.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul has only 2 fights in his official resume. His two fights were against fellow Youtuber, KSI. The first fight was an amateur fight where both fighters used headgear and it ended in a draw. In the rematch, KSI won by a close decision.

Some hardcore boxing fans might get offended by Mayweather giving attention to a Youtuber about boxing but it is Mayweather’s choice. He makes smart investments where he can make easy money and could possibly open the doors to casual viewers about boxing.



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