Raw Video: Police Break MMA Fighter’s Neck & Leave Him Paralyzed

A number of alarming videos sent to the United States into turmoil recently. Police-involved shootings and harrowing beatings have arguably been going on for years, but only since the age of social media are most of them being seen.

It’s certainly a sad prospect when the men and women who are meant to protect and serve end u battering and bruising. Of course, this is not to say that all police officers are violent thugs.

Police+Officers[1]The shootings of multiple youths, particularly in poorer areas of the US, has sparked outrage in the last few years. Riots date back to the 1960s when ‘race wars’ dominated the American cities.

Rodney King is a classic example of hate crimes by the police. Again this isn’t an attack on all police officers and law enforcement, just a statement of the facts. The subject of today’s article is being highly debated.


This is Donovan Duran. He was an MMA fighter up until he ran into some trouble with the police. He was never charged with any crime, but his altercation with the police on that fateful night has left him paralyzed.

The graphic footage has been placed on the next page, and it’s highly disturbing in nature…

Continue to page 2 for the video…

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