Knockouts are a great thing. Fans just love whenever two fighters throw caution to the wind and try to take each other’s heads off. One of them lands and it’s lights out. But you know what’s even more rare? The double KO.

While everyone had their eyes fixated on UFC Fight Night Fortaleza, an amazing fight went down at Shamrock FC. And although the UFC card is certainly one to remember, the Shamrock FC card was a sleeper hit.

In rare instances, it’s the cards that fans aren’t really watching out for that end up surprising everyone.

Sometimes it’s the minor promotions that produce the major action

Shamrock FC, a minor league MMA promotion, took place in Kansas City, Mo. last weekend. And fans were treated to a special highlight reel knockout of the rarest kind. Fighters Alan Vasquez and Alex Cazares each unloaded devastating bombs on each other. And they appeared to have knocked each other out simultaneously.

Vasquez dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes almost instantly. Cazares, who had his back against the cage fence, slowly fell to the mat.

What a crazy sight! Check out this video to see the very rare double KO

Surprisingly however, it was Vasquez who got up immediately and was able to convince the referee that he was okay.

The fight was deemed a KO victory for Vasquez, because he stood up faster than Cazares. Vasquez got up and acted like nothing happened.

Double KO’s are like the unicorns of MMA. Everyone knows they exist, it’s just that no one has ever seen them before in real life. The lucky audience in attendance at Shamrock FC certainly now have an amazing story to tell.

Fortunately for all of you on the interwebs, someone posted a clip of the rare double KO on Instagram.

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