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Boxing is well-known for its mind games, but did you know that you can become better at influencing others in different areas of your life by practicing it? This article will share some ways boxing can develop skills that can help you improve your power of persuasion.

It Helps You Become Aware of Others

In order to be great at persuading others, it’s best to try to understand where others are coming from. By showing empathy and actively listening, you can become significantly more agreeable, and boxing can help you become more sensitive to how other people are feeling, despite the goal of trying to win by beating your opponent. 

If you constantly take an aggressive stance and don’t show rationality and self-control, it can be very tough to get people to be on your side. Therefore, try to see other people’s points of view first.

It Teaches You How to Build Trust

Boxing is a sport that’s performed 1v1, but during your training, you’re most likely to have some people who you can consider part of your team, such as your coach and individuals whom you spar with. 

When you learn how to build trust and rapport with others, they will most likely value what you have to say and take it into consideration when they are trying to make their own decisions.

It Makes You More Confident

The skills you learn during boxing can greatly increase one’s self-confidence, not only with their abilities in the sport but with overcoming challenges that can occur in ordinary life. 

If an individual believes in themselves and their actions speak for themselves, it’s easier to convince others, especially if you’re trying to teach someone about something you’re knowledgeable about. Having credibility goes a long way!

Additional Resources on Persuasion

Persuasiveness is a skill that can be improved upon with a lot of practice, and although boxing and other martial arts can certainly be helpful, if you are looking to work on it directly, it’s optimal to learn about persuasive techniques and how they work.

To find more information that’s specifically about persuasion skills, BetterHelp has more resources that cover them and can guide you in becoming more proficient at convincing others of what you have to say. To start reading them today, completely for free, visit the link down below:

You can also connect to a professional mental health counselor who can coach you and assist you in becoming a more effective communicator all-around. With guidance, you can find proven strategies and improve faster than if you were trying to do it on your own. 


Believe it or not, becoming a better boxer can make you better at communicating with others, and persuasion is just one way that’s the case. Nonetheless, hopefully, this article has shown you exactly why it can improve your interpersonal skills and relationships with other people in any capacity, not just when trying to persuade, but for self-expression and being a more active listener.

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