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Combat sports are just as much of a mind game as it is a physical one, and therefore it’s crucial to try to get into tip-top psychological shape before your next bout. This article will share some tips on how you can better prepare yourself mentally so you can perform at your best.

Scrap Your Self-Doubt

It’s easier said than done; after all, you’re looking for ways to calm yourself before your big day, but your most formidable opponent is actually yourself. 

Try to avoid negative thoughts about whether or not you’re cut out for this – if you’re competing, it means you are dedicated to your sport and good as anyone else. Instead, try to relish the challenge and look for ways to keep improving.

Visualize Success

Visualizing is an extremely effective way to think positively about your upcoming match, which can also relieve some of your doubts.

Many techniques can be effective and address different concerns, but one of the most popular is shadow-boxing, which you’re probably already familiar with if you’ve been training for a while. Not only will this allow you to think about your opponent and visualize performing well against them, but it also gives you more time to focus on your technique.

Respect Everyone

While it’s essential to work on yourself and find ways to stay motivated, it’s also just as important to develop a sense of respect for other people, and this also includes your opponent during your match. 

Remember, they have also earned their way to compete against you, and more than likely, it will be a fair fight. By respecting their skill, you may be more accepting of whatever outcome takes place and simply enjoy the experience, regardless if you win or lose.

Find Support

Sometimes it’s not always easy to find motivation from within yourself, and you need some extra help from the people in your corner.

Your friends and family should be there to support you, as well as your trainer or coach if you have one. You can also consider finding a sports psychologist; these are individuals who are trained to help athletes going through the same concerns as you and can greatly improve your confidence and performance when it matters most.

Additional Mental Health Resources

Suppose you are interested in finding more ways to find self-improvement and change your mindset not only towards your sport but in life, in general. In that case, BetterHelp offers more articles that are relevant to the issues that athletes can face, like paranoia, anxiety, depression, anger, and many more, which you can access by clicking the link below:

You will also be able to learn how you can connect to a licensed mental health professional and talk about the issues you’re currently facing so that you can learn how to cope, tackle, and overcome life’s challenges.


Win, lose or draw, it’s still essential to find positivity and foster a healthy competitive mindset so that you can perform optimally. Hopefully, these tips can give you something to focus on so that you can be the best that you can be when showtime comes and also get the most enjoyment out of the experience of going up against another skilled fighter.

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