After the News Broke that Georges St. Pierre is Set to Retire, Khabib Nurmagamedov Has Pleaded With the Man He Respects Most in Mixed Martial Arts to Fight Him Before He Goes… 

You can make a very strong case for Georges St. Pierre Being the greatest UFC fighter of all time. The Quebec native is an iconic figure. When he made the walkout to the octagon in his gi, the whole place would erupt for the most successful welterweight champion the company has ever produced.

Even though his style was arguably not the most exciting, it was methodical, and ‘Rush’ learnt from his mistakes. He established a massive following, and after a four-year hiatus that ended in 2017, he came back and incredibly won the middleweight championship, submitting Michael Bisping.

The news has broken that ‘GSP’ is finally set to hang up his gloves for good. It’s hard to take for many fans, not least Khabib Nurmagamedov who has pleaded with St. Pierre to fight one more time, in November, wherever he wants in the world.

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Khabib is possibly the most feared champion in World MMA right now. The dead-eyed, ruthless Dagestani lightweight king drags his opponents to the ground and then gives them a beatdown as they’ve never had before. If there’s one fight that Khabib wants though, it’s against St. Pierre. He wrote on Instagram:

“Let’s do it in November. After this fight you can retire. I grow up on your fights, and have nothing but respect for you, and I believe showed that to you George when you were in Moscow. But, it would be honor for me to share Octagon with one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Let’s do it 155 lbs, or I give away 5lbs to you, cause you newer done 155. Well, it’s your choice 155 or 160, Montreal, NYC, Moscow or Abu Dhabi. Send me location my Friend.”

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St. Pierre has since responded to Khabib’s message. He explained to Ariel Helwani that everything will be explained on Thursday during a special press conference that looks set to announce his retirement. GSP alluded that it’s out of his hands. He told Helwani:

“I saw what Khabib wrote, and I appreciate it very much. Unfortunately, these decisions aren’t up to us. I will address everything at the press conference tomorrow.”

Imagine though: if there’s any fight that could convince Khabib not to take a year off, it would definitely be this one. It would be iconic.


What are those decisions that St. Pierre is talking about? He could be talking about his battle with ulcerative colitis, which resulted in him dropping into another hiatus after winning the middleweight strap, which he then vacated. St. Pierre will turn 38 in May, so maybe his body is just starting to let him down.

The other potential barrier is UFC President Dana White? No really? The two have been known not to get along that well, and it’s believed that White does not want to risk St. Pierre wading into another division, winning the belt, vacating, and then leaving chaos behind him again.

You can see White’s point. Arguably, the middleweight division still hasn’t recovered. That won’t matter to Khabib though, as he makes his case to fight one of the few legendary fighters on the planet.

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