A Crazy Brawl Went Down on O’Connell Street in Dublin – the Busiest Street on the Island of Ireland… Watch the Footage Below as Things Got Out of Hand With Two Thugs Squaring Off in a Bare-knuckle Boxing Match… 

Is there any practice in the world older than two men fighting each other to resolve their differences? It’s a time honoured concept. Back in the old days, they would literally duel to the death. While we like to pretend we live in a more civilized world, there’s still that animalistic part of us that sometimes makes us want to fight.

Bare-knuckle street fights still go down in Ireland and the UK between gypsy families who want to settle a dispute. At the end of the fight, after one of them gives up, they’ll shake hands and move on with their lives. That is embedded in their culture.

A bare-knuckle street fight broke out in Dublin, Ireland on O’Connell Street, the main thoroughfare through the north side of the capital city. Watch the footage below as these two men threw bombs at each other.


Street Fight

The brawl broke out on the corner of O’Connell Street and Abbey Street in Dublin City. It took place at about 7 pm on Wednesday, February 13th. The city was still very busy at this time, with many commuters and shoppers going about their business and heading home at the end of the day.

In the footage, you can make out some of their friends telling them to ‘sort it out’. One of the men is literally stripped to the waist to make himself seem tougher. The two of them get into boxing stances and start to exchange shots in front of a crowd that rapidly increases in size. The guy in the grey outfit is the better boxer technically and is able to control his adversary’s movement.

Screenshot: Twitter.


It’s a pretty surreal moment because there are yellow double deckers zooming past as the two men exchange shots. You can hear them being told to go for it, and one of them is advised to ‘use the left.’ Neither of them knock each other down, but they do try to throw some hard shots at each other, as everybody around them gets excited.

Definitely still a better fight than Derrick Lewis v Francis Ngannou.

Screenshot: Twitter.


Later it was reported that one man was arrested following the fight. The Gardai – the Irish police force – finally arrived on the scene and took one of the fighters into custody.  A Garda spokesman reported that:

“Gardai attended an incident on O Connell St, Dublin 1 at 7pm this evening (13/2/19) involving a number of males fighting. One male arrested.”

Well, if you decide to fight in the middle of a capital city, with loads of passers-by taking photos and videoing you, you’re going to be noticed, aren’t you? Definitely not the smartest move that these two guys could have made. It’s unknown what happened to the man who was arrested at this point.

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