Round 12 of the first fight, Fury was one round away from making the greatest comeback in boxing history, and boom! Wilder landed the monstrous right hand and followed it up with a punch that put Fury on the canvas. Everyone was shocked, it was so quick and people thought the fight was over.

Wilder was already dancing and telling the crowd that the fight was over. Referee Jack Reese started the count, and suddenly Fury just woke up as if nothing happened. It was a miracle that Fury even managed to get back up.

What was impressive was not only did Fury get back up, he went on and gave Wilder a beating. Fury just defied the odds. Wilder could not ask for a better punch to land and yet Fury got back up and was not even wobbled.

It was also at that moment that Fury discovered how to beat Wilder. Fury chose to advance rather than avoid the haymakers, he later realized that Wilder couldn’t fight on the back foot, which means that he couldn’t land the right hand if he is not the one engaging.

One of the reasons why Fury switched camps to Kronk Gym was because SugarHill is a master of utilizing the style that works against Wilder. Hence, when Fury predicted that he will be knocking out Wilder, many were laughing. Wilder even said that there is no way a pillow-fisted boxer like Fury would knock him out.

Wilder may have been caught off guard since Fury used his weight advantage and that made Wilder not only tired but was also able to neutralize the right hand. Most dominant champions ruled the division for a long time mainly because of their adaptability, Wilder always got away with losing rounds because he always finds a way to land the knockout.

The problem is Fury did not go to sleep when the punch landed. What happens when Wilder cannot knock his opponent out? He becomes an ordinary boxer that just let his opponent win the majority of the rounds.

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