One thing is for sure, the Mayweather vs. McGregor bxoing match will make a lot of people very rich, but will the fans get any value for their money?

Conor McGregor just revealed the PPV numbers of his trilogy fight against Poirier and SPOILER ALERT! it did better than expected. McGregor may have suffered an unfortunate injury in the last second of the first round, but when it comes to PPV buys, he still is the best.

Love or hate him, Conor McGregor is without a doubt the biggest star in UFC history. Despite losing back to back and not being active, he still makes everyone wanna see him compete. He is one of those fighters that belt or no belt, will always main-event a fight. His fan base is still the biggest and his next fight would likely be over 1 million buys still.

It is also great for Poirier since he also gets PPV buys as he also headlined the fight. Seeing Poirier getting paid huge money is great because he is one of those fighters that has been in the sport for quite a while, he did not get special treatment but rather fought many former champions to get to his current spot.

The question is, who should McGregor fight next? He is coming off a losing streak and the UFC cannot afford for him to lose. Part of McGregor’s popularity is his fighting style and the way he finishes guys as well. A trilogy with Nate Diaz could possibly break records as well and both are coming off losses as well.

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Another fight that could be labeled as a “money fight” is McGregor vs Masvidal. Both were calling each other out and are household names. Yes, McGregor is definitely the bigger star but Masvidal is also a PPV star in his own right.

As for Poirier, he already has a fight booked and it is for the title against Charles Oliveira. The fight will take place on UFC 269 which is likely the last PPV for the year 2021.

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