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Have you ever thought about how these celebrities earn millions just by posting a picture on Instagram?

While you may assume that it’s more to do with their popularity than the platform, what about individuals who weren’t famous before but now have become Instagram personalities overnight?

Most of us on Instagram will surely not be trendsetters within a few months until we get viral and the entire nation groves over our post. However, hundreds of Instagram influencers have mastered the platform and quit their high-profile jobs to pursue their careers on Instagram. 

In this article, you will find a step-by-step plan to increase your followers and become an Instagram influencer from scratch. 

Yes, you read it right. Follow your dreams and increase your Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

Step one: Select your industry

Yes, Instagram followers are significant to make you an influencer, but at the same time, your industry is also essential. Are you willing to take a broad niche with much more competition than a narrow niche that will help you with popularity?

Businesses looking to hire Instagram influencers tend to choose influencers with a target audience related to their products. For Instance, an Instagram influencer who is very much into fitness will attract an audience interested in workouts and fitness plans. This opportunity is exploited by businesses that market products related to fitness and workouts. 

Step two: Learn the skills

The essential skill that you need as an influencer is photo and video editing skills. While you may find various features and filters on Instagram, you must learn to capture awe-struck images and videos to stand out. 

The goal is to make your posts look professional with top-notch editing skills, which make your pictures look natural. 

It would be best if you also worked on your captions. Writing extended googled captions may not help because users can easily find out what’s copied and not. 

Step three: Target your followers

While you may be well equipped with all the resources and technology, finding Instagram followers is something that you are missing. 

For people to follow you, you must follow the broader niches that can get your attention. For Instance, if you are from the clothing industry and use Instagram to market your line of clothing products, you can follow only other Instagrammers in the same business or even people related to the clothing industry. Comment on their posts like “I too offer similar designs at reasonable rates and varieties” to positively impact the algorithms. 

Have you ever heard about people asking you to buy Instagram followers or Instagram likes from digital marketing sites?

A question may pop into your mind, how genuine are these sites? While if you do thorough research and background checks on some of these sites that provide real Instagram followers and Instagram likes, you may appear lucky enough to increase your fan following. However, Instagram is more than just a high number of followers and preferences; therefore, you need to cater to all the other requirements. A piece of advice is always to find correct information about any website before collaborating and investing.

Step four: Be consistent

The prominent reason for being consistent is that you need to be recognized by your regular audience first and then the extended audience. Your target audience may not be available all the time. This means people come across your posts at different times of the day and may miss your posts if you are not consistent. 

In addition, the Instagram algorithm takes the frequency of your posts very seriously to ensure that your content is fresh enough to find space in the explore options of your audience. Use this power of consistency to experiment with different trends, virals, and hashtags to know how your audience reacts to them. 

Step five: Collaborate with influencer databases.

Influencer databases are companies with a list of influencers stored in their databases across various industries to allow quick connections between sectors and influencers. All you got to do is sign-up with these databases and be a part of their campaign. Some companies also act as middlemen or contractors that provide work to influencers on a commission basis and recommend the influencers they register. 

The bottom line

What are your thoughts now? are you motivated enough to try your hands on this career, or do you feel it is not your cup of tea? 

For anything that you indulge in, you need to be consistent and passionate about your work. While getting even one thousand followers may seem a difficult task initially, the reason why most people would quit but with patience, you can make things work. Pin these steps and ensure to put them into practice for faster and better results—good luck to you.

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