Sports betting is no longer restricted to a few sports. Bettors can access gambling platforms to bet on different sports depending on their passion and interest in the sports and athletes. In the past, sports betting was limited to horse racing. Today, the industry has evolved as sports like football, basketball, ice hockey, mixed martial arts, tennis, etc., now promise high values and incredible returns for smart bettors.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American professional association that promotes mixed martial arts (MMA) tournaments. With many talented athletes, the league boasts thousands of loyal fans and fighters, providing an avenue for bettors to generate large profits by staking on UFC odds.

Many fighters have been allowed to showcase their strength and talents through these championship rounds while bringing in money for the organizers and themselves. Fighters such as Connor McGregor, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and others have gained immense popularity and recognition from MMA fights. Today, UFC is currently one of the most popular sports in the world.

What is the UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a PR company owned by Endeavour Group, with Dana White as the president and major shareholder of the company. They promote Mixed Martial Arts.

MMA is a combat sport featuring fighting techniques such as karate, wrestling, boxing, and jujitsu. Combining these combat sports has improved its popularity and respect in global martial arts and among fans.

The sport is said to date back to 648 BCE. It was a popular “no rules” Greek martial arts sport known as Pankration. It was popular among the Greek armies, and it included all kinds of fighting with little exceptions, such as biting or gouging out your opponent’s eyes. The game ends when a fighter falls unconscious or is declared defeated.

The game has evolved tremendously from what it was in 648 BCE. More safety rules, regulations, and techniques are infused into the fighting system. Many fighters have tried their hand at UFC tournaments in recent years with contrasting success.

Types of UFC Bets

As a bettor, you can bet on UFC fight outcomes and make significant returns if you do it right.

This article will explain the types of bets available in this sport, what each bet type stands for, and which one you might want to choose.

1. Moneyline Bets

Moneyline betting is one of the most popular bettings in the UFC. It means betting on the outcome of a fight. The bookmaker displays the players’ odds, listing one as the underdog and the other as the safer bet. You can bet on the underdog winning or losing. The outcome of the fight after the final round dictates your winnings. 

Sometimes, the bookmaker might not include the moneyline bet for a fight. In this case, everyone probably knows who’s most likely to win, especially if the odds for the underdog differ greatly from that of the favorite.

A moneyline bet is not just a stake of wins and losses. You can also stake your bet on a draw outcome. If the fighter ends the rounds on a draw, you might go home with a ton of cash in your pockets.

2. Prop Bets

This kind of betting allows punters to stake on other outcomes of fighting rounds besides the moneyline options. With prop bets, you can bet on how the fight ends, the time it ends, if the fighters will touch their gloves and even points handicap. 

This accommodating bet is one of the most common bets among bettors as it offers them a range of outcomes to bet on. It also offers a high payout for the right prediction, hence its popularity. You can stake on prop bets if you like to play safe and explore other outcomes.

3. Round Betting: Over/Under Bets

The over/under bet determines how long the fight rounds will last. Most MMA fights consist of three rounds. With this bet, you can wager your money on the rounds extending or not meeting the bookmaker’s total rounds.

You can use the over bet to predict that the players will end the game above the normal time. The underbet will win if the fight ends before time.

4. Method of Victory Bets

You can bet on how a player wins. Fights can end in many ways, such as knock-outs, draws, submission, and unanimous decisions by the judges. Fighters can also win by points.

Predicting the way a fight ends is a popular type of UFC betting that promises huge profits on the right prediction.

Betting Strategies to Use for UFC

Sometimes, the outcome of a fight is unexpected, yet seasoned punters go home with more money to their names. This is because they implement strategies while placing their bets.

These are some of the strategies to consider for betting on UFC fights:

  • Wager on the Younger Fighters

While there are exceptions, fighters tend to become slower as they get older. Older fighters are prone to getting tired, washed out, and gassing easily.

This does not mean that they stop being good fighters. Rather, it means that the younger players have more perseverance, tenacity, and strength than they do, which could turn the fights in their favor. It’s always preferable to back the younger ones.

  • Consider the Underdogs

You can bet on the underdog unless you know that the favorite’s odds are way higher. UFC fights aren’t just sports – they are games of survival. With these kinds of games, the weakest is usually the most desperate. And when it comes to survival, the desperate one tends to win more.

The underdog might be your best shot if the odds are not so far apart. Sometimes, a fighter’s stats might have been exaggerated to intimidate the other player. Watch out for these tricks to have a successful betting career.

  • Avoid Emotional Bets

It’s advisable to never place bets based on your emotions. Rather, you should stick with your wits and instincts. Sometimes, bettors might want to wager on their favorite fighters even when all the facts prove otherwise – we advise against it.

Betting based on emotions will not win you profits in UFC betting or any sport.

  • Back the Better Striker

Many fights end with a knock-out. It’d be best to bet on the player with a history of knock-out strikes. If the odds are close and you can’t decide which player you should go for, it’s advisable to bet on the better striker. To know the player you can back, please check their stats.

  • Manage Your Funds

Seasoned punters have learned not to bet with all their money at once. It’s crucial to know when to wager your money on a fight and when to not bother. You can also manage your funds by parlaying your bets. Parlays also tend to bring steady profits in the long term.

Final Thoughts

Betting on MMA is one of the most lucrative bets to make these days. Unlike other sports where you have to worry about a team member disrupting the odds, UFC bets require you to research two people at a time. This gives bettors the chance to understand the players well enough and make informed decisions.

It must also be said that betting on UFC is a good way to make great returns from underdog betting. Since there are chances for upsets now and then, making the right calls by backing an underdog with great odds can give you an opportunity to win big.

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