Having a yard sale sign is a must for anyone planning a sale. These signs are either used to give direction or to let the people know about the pricing of the displayed items. Both are crucial in carrying out a successful yard sale. Let’s see how you can make the most of these two types of signs.

Road signs in your neighborhood

Signboards in your locality will help the interested people to find their way to your home. Place them at every corner of the main road leading up to the spot. It’s better to post the signs on the morning of the sale day. You can also do it on the night before the event, but again you have to make sure they are in place on the morning of the sale. If the weather is fine and there’s no chance of rain or snow, you can fix them at night. But no one can predict Mother Nature, right?

Remember the places you have stuck all the signposts. It becomes easier for you to take them all down once you are done with the sale. Else they will litter the surrounding.

Post them at the most visited places of your town

Choose the best places to advertise the yard sale. Some of the places that might give you potential customers are – local grocery shops, nearby parks, churches, community centers, and even at your local gyms. If there are other landmarks as well, try posting the yard sale signs over there too.

Check with the local ordinance

Different places have different rules. Many people will require a yard sale permit to hold such an event. Some cities even have rules regarding the date, time, and place of the sale. So, check with your local officials to know more about this matter.

What information to include in a yard sale sign

Including too much or too little information may be misleading sometimes. Do not cramp up the space of a signboard. Add a big bold ‘Sale’ sign along with the date, time, and address. Choose a basic font to make the signs as it is easy to read. Neon colors work the best as a background for the signs as they are visible from quite a distance.

Importance of price and category signs

You can’t attend to every customer personally. While having a look at the displayed items, they will want to know the price. If the price is already mentioned by using signs, they will not bother to ask you time and again. The same can be said for the category signs. People would know where to look for a particular thing if they get to see them.

Why ordering a sale sign is better than making one at home? 

When you try to make the signs at home, you will not be able to make them look similar. Often, you will end up making them look dirty. It’s better to have the yard sale signs printed to maintain uniformity. Moreover, you can save a lot of time by doing so. Utilize the saved time for arranging items for the sale.


Remember these things the next time you decide to arrange a yard sale.

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