Jake Paul just posted a video on Twitter, calling out Mcgregor. Paul insulted Mcgregor’s wife, boxing record, and much more. Pretty much baiting him to take the fight for a massive payday. He also sent a big check of a guaranteed $50M for fight purse, the biggest money offered to Mcgregor.

He also called out Dana White for saying that the fight will be impossible or will never happen. Paul is surely confident in fighting Mcgregor since even if he loses the fight, people expect him to lose. Mcgregor on the other hand has a lot more to lose if he gets defeated by a Youtuber.

This is just a money fight since it will surely attract more viewers and PPV than an average UFC card. It might be an insult to hardcore fans and the sport in general since neither are legit boxing contenders but are still gaining more attraction than the current boxing champions.

Meanwhile, Mcgregor is focused on his fight in January against Dustin Poirier. He did not react to Paul’s offer, it may be not worth his time to respond to a Youtuber. Even though Mcgregor is an MMA fighter, his main strength usually lies in his boxing skills. Mcgregor’s signature left hand has knocked out many UFC fighters including champions.

Jake Paul gained instant popularity in the boxing world when he knocked out Nate Robinson. The way Robinson was laying flat on the ring was not fun to watch but Paul did what he had to do in order to win.

Jake Paul also called out KSI another Youtuber who beat his brother Logan Paul. Another fighter he was interested in was Dillon Danis (Mcgregor’s teammate) but specializes not in striking but in BJJ or grappling.

Although one UFC fighter who is interested in fighting Paul is Henry Cejudo. Cejudo himself called out Jake Paul saying he wants the fight. The size disparity is huge if both fighters fight since Paul could be a middleweight while Cejudo fought on the men’s smallest division.

Jake Paul responded by saying that he is a little man’s champion and is not worthy to be fought. Paul said that Cejudo is not popular to the casual viewers thus cannot attract high revenues. Cejudo also trained in boxing some time and is a very talented athlete who actually knows combat. He is the former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion.

It would be intriguing to see Cejudo vs Paul since it could lead to size vs skill type of boxing fight. Unlike Nate Robinson who only fought his first time in the ring, Cejudo is actually an experienced combat athlete who could bring problems to Jake Paul.

Even though some say that weight class exists for a reason, sometimes skill is enough to beat a bigger man. No contract or announcement for Jake Paul on who he will fight next but he may be targeting to be the co-main event for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight card.

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