James Krause says he made a

When one of the UFC fan-favorites James Krause suddenly took an absence of leave from in-octagon action, fans and media members alike began to ponder whether he’d ever return to the cage again.

And now, nearly two years after his previous UFC welterweight appearance versus Claudio Silva, we wonder if Krause will lace up the six-ounce gloves and provide us with another instant classic.

But wait, I see Krause at almost every UFC event?

For those unfamiliar with the behind-the-scenes-workings of professional MMA, some could be wondering why James Krause is still seen cageside. Well, the answer is simple, Krause has always enjoyed coaching. Still, since his step down from active competition, the multiple gyms he owns and coaches for are producing an unruly number of up-and-coming fighters.

This is a true testament to Krause’s coaching level and how fighting may never be necessary for the Midwest representative ever again.

Krause has been seen cornering multiple fighters on one fight card across numerous promotions, but he’ll predominantly be found in the UFC because his students are very well trained. Imagine walking out four times on one UFC fight card to coach and corner fighters from your self-built gym, and this further clarifies whether Krause will return for a fight himself; it doesn’t seem like he’d have the time even if he wanted to.

“At this point in my career, it’s definitely coaching, and the coaching aspect I take way more pride in and enjoy more,” Krause told the UFC. “I’d be lying to you if I said it wasn’t difficult at times because there are so many people that I have to coach, so many different talents, and people come and go, and it’s a selfless job. There’s not much return on coaching fighters so It can be very tough, but I enjoy it.”

Midwest Represent

Glory MMA & Fitness quickly gained notoriety because of the hard work Krause and his team have put in. His leadership and elite-level experience are evidently rubbing off on those around him, and there’s a reason why so many Kansas City-based fighters continue to appear from nowhere. Without disrespecting Kansas, prior to Krause’s arrival, it wasn’t the most active MMA community.

The popularity of MMA in Kansas overall is receiving a positive impact from Krause’s work, Caesars in Kansas would have always received wagers when Krause was an active fighter, but now that he’s coaching a plethora of Kansas talent, these figures continue to rise.

With that said, bettors from Kansas should resume their focus on local fighters in the future, as Krause has been developing top-level fighters in the Kansas area long before he stepped down from active competition.

Krause and his business partner began Kansas City Fighting Alliance in 2012, as the promotion hosted local events and finally gave Kansas a name in the world of MMA. Fighters of the Kansas area found a home to make a name for themselves, as the 1,000-capacity KCFA auditorium would sell out every event.

KCFA eventually rebranded and is now known as Fighting Alliance Championship; with a larger venue and experience in the game, MMA in Kansas City is popping up like it never has. This is what Krause and his team set out to do.

“FAC is the product of KCFA, and it turned into something bigger than KC. Although many guys are from KC, they go on to bigger and better things,” Krause said. “We partner with the arena, and it’s the closest thing to the UFC you’ll get.”

Earlier this year, UFC President Dana White selected FAC to host his Dana White: Lookin’ For A Fight series. The UFC boss was cageside to witness everything Kansas had to offer with a co-signing from the famous social media giants ‘The Nelk Boys’.

Krause wasn’t just an exciting fighter who gave up on an impressive UFC record to help others. Still, he’s also an entrepreneur in the martial arts game that can inspire future fighters and prove that there is a life beyond the active competition. You must tip your hat to Krause and what he’s accomplished thus far, and this is only the beginning.

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