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Yet Another Disgraceful Display of Sportsmanship On The Regional Circuit… This Time in Brazil, a Fighter Lands a Suckerpunch… After The Official Decision Was Announced…

Ok guys, here’s a message to everyone that fights: it doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional, there’s a chance that whatever you do, in today’s world you could go viral. It could be because you pulled off a stunning 720-degree spinning tornado kick complete with a backflip. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that you’ve done something very stupid.

On the regional scene, we often see the best and worst of MMA. When fighters are at the highest level – in the UFC, Bellator, ONE, Rizin, they’re schooled in media and usually have the common sense to behave in a way that guarantees they keep their jobs.

However, usually, that isn’t the case in smaller promotions. Take this week’s offering from Brazil, where a fighter decided that the smart thing to do after the fight was to sucker-punch his opponent because he didn’t like the judge’s decision.

Crazy Footage

The footage above is taken from the Instagram of Portal Da Luta. Captured at an event in Brazil, Wemerson Silva had fought Marcelo Alves, with the fight coming down to the judge’s decision. The referee raises the hand of Marcelo Alves – much to Silva’s displeasure.

What he does next is ridiculous. He leans in as though to congratulate his opponent, but then he decides to punch him in the face instead. Very quickly, the referee rushes in to intervene, as well as the two corners, before the footage cuts out.

YouTube video


It’s definitely a pathetic and cowardly reaction to defeat. The worst part of it is that the actual technique is appalling as well. Marcelo Alves stands bemused after being clipped in the face. No wonder Wemerson Silva didn’t win the fight.

Typically even fighters that don’t like each other will at the very least show respect to their opponent for giving it their all in the cage. It’s difficult to hate someone when they’re giving you a chance to punch and kick them in the head.

YouTube video

Remember This?

However, it does bring back memories of Paul Daley’s attack on Josh Koscheck back in 2010. He sucker-punched his opponent after the bell at UFC 113. ‘Semtex’ was quickly immobilized by referee Dan Miragoliatta.

Daley was promptly sacked by the UFC and banned from ever fighting for the promotion again. His career has recovered and he is set to take on fellow Brit, Michael ‘Venom’ Page in Bellator’s lightweight tournament.

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