Bantamweight Contender Sean O’Malley Officially Has a More Powerful Punch Than Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley…

Sean O’Malley is definitely one of the biggest success stories of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. DWTNCS and Dana White’s Looking For a Fight have effectively replaced The Ultimate Fighter as the main TV avenue into the world’s biggest MMA promotion.

23-year-old O’Malley has an immaculate professional record of 10-0. 6 of those have come by knockout, showing that despite his lean and lanky frame, he possesses deceptive levels of power. He’s also built up a very strong and faithful core fanbase already, despite having only fought twice in the UFC.

‘Suga’ Sean has somehow managed to beat Tyron Woodley’s power-punching record at the UFC Performance Institute. Yes, Tyron Woodley,  the welterweight champion with biceps bigger than O’Malley’s head. Some things really just don’t make sense in this world. You can watch this mind-blowing footage below.

Power Puncher

As you can see from the video above, O’Malley possesses remarkable power, despite his lean frame. The speed with which he hits the bag is incredible and leaves Karen Bryant and Daniel Cormier absolutely stunned. He achieves a very impressive score of 950. Heavyweight fighter Derrick Lewis holds the record of 967.

Somehow he manages to get a higher score than former middleweight champion Michael Bisping and as we said, Tyron Woodley. If you’re one of O’Malley’s next opponents you’re surely going to be worried because that level of power at bantamweight is quite simply frightening.


Still a very young man, O’Malley’s rise has been rapid. Outside the octagon, he’s known for his love of marijuana and has his own line of hemp products. He’s an eccentric dresser and walks around dressed like he’s from the 1970’s. That’s an incredible scarf he’s wearing.

Inside the octagon, it’s almost like he has a different personality. ‘Suga’ Sean has a very flashy style, using wild kicks and striking techniques and attacking from different angles a la Conor McGregor. There’s no doubt that the UFC is trying to push him hard because he’s going to fight on the main card of UFC 229 – the same as Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagamedov.


Although both of his UFC wins so far have come via decision, they’ve been dominant and impressive. O’Malley is still maturing as a fighter, so let’s hope the UFC doesn’t rush him too quickly, as they tend to do with their best young prospects.

After establishing himself with wins over Terrion Ware and Andre Soukhamthath, he’s set to reach his biggest viewership yet, just by virtue of being on the same card as Conor McGregor. It’s a huge opportunity for him to impress the world. No pressure. Good luck making weight with that massive afro though.

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