The only fighter in history to win 12 titles across eight weight divisions, Manny Pacquaio is a living legend. He’s also 41 and coming towards the end of his career after fighting the best of the best. But he’s still a titleholder as he is the WBA welterweight champion. That’s not bad for an older man.

Even though he is still a competitive boxer, some people think he should fight Conor McGregor. Pacquaio signed with Paradigm Sports earlier this year. This management company also represents the brash Irishman. In short, the move fuelled speculation that the two men were about to fight.

McGregor’s interest in pursuing another boxing match is clear. However, Pacquaio’s team doesn’t think he should fight ‘The Notorious.’ The Filipino senator’s strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune told The Manila Times that this fight doesn’t do anything for the boxing legend.

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In short, Fortune thinks that Pacquaio would be helping McGregor. He believes that it would just make McGregor rich without doing anything for his fighter’s legacy. Of course, it works both ways because both men would make a lot of money from this potential bout.

“Why even make that guy rich?” said Fortune. “And it won’t do absolutely nothing for Pacquiao as far as his legacy (is concerned). Remember, this is just my opinion: Manny goes down as the greatest fighter in history when he finishes, because no one has done what he accomplished in boxing. Why destroy your legacy for a bum like McGregor?”

Those are some harsh words. Would it really destroy his legacy? At the age of 41, nobody would begrudge ‘Pacman’ a money fight.

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However, if the fight did go down, then Fortune thinks Pacquaio would annihilate McGregor. He said that Pacquaio’s overall boxing attributes would make this a bad day for McGregor. But he also said that McGregor would do the same to Pacquaio in an MMA fight. As far as he’s concerned, they should stick to their own lanes.

“Manny will destroy Conor McGregor inside three rounds,” he said. “He will obliterate him. Too fast and too strong as an amazing fighter. McGregor is nothing. I mean, my God, this is boxing; we are boxers. McGregor is an MMA guy, and we can’t do MMA, and he can’t box. That’s very simple.”

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Meanwhile, McGregor stirred up the masses online by reminding the world about his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. He posted on Instagram a message where he claimed that he carried Mayweather through their fight. Right until the Irishman lost by TKO. He wrote:

“3 years ago today I carried Floyd for his final boxing match. Wow time flies when you’re stacking cheddar. Happy retirement champ.”

If McGregor ever does box again it will be interesting to see how he’d approach it. Would he hire actual boxing coaches or use his MMA team? Right now, the Irishman says he’s retired so it’s pure speculation either way. But whenever he’s in the conversation there is some kind of drama. Who do you think would win in a Pacquaio v McGregor boxing match right now?

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