Joe Rogan might be on his way out…

Since taking over the UFC in 2016, new owners WME-IMG have raised many eyebrows. Their business decisions after paying $4 billion for the UFC have been weird, to say the least. Firstly, the loss of 80 jobs had fans questioning their motives.

After they’d finished laying off entire departments, the new owners looked at the commentary desk. Next for the chopping block was lovable play-by-play caller Mike Goldberg. Since that controversial decision was made, we haven’t heard a great deal from Joe Rogan, until now.

Joe Rogan Is Not Happy With New UFC Owners

During his most recent episode of the fight companion on the Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC color commentator exposed some worrying truths. Chatting with his co-podcast buddy Brendan Schaub, Rogan explains how the UFC has been getting under his skin:

“There’s obviously some sort of transition going on, 80 people have been fired including Mike Goldberg. It’s a crazy time. The question is, have WME ever been involved in something where the outcome is truly unpredictable like combat sports?”

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Ronda Rousey Promos For UFC 207

“The promotion for the Ronda fight, we really hadn’t seen it like that before. We’d never seen it 100% favouring ‘the superstar’ before. Say it was Woodley vs. Wonderboy, you would see highlights of both guys and be like ‘wow, what a fight.'”

“They did it the way they would promote a movie or TV show. I don’t agree how they put my comments in that promo (about Rousey). That statement was about her before she got knocked out and took 411 days off. A lot of that stuff they used in those promos were totally out of context. You gotta respect the champion.”

New Owners Calling Nunes ‘Cannon Fodder’

“I have a problem with that, because that’s not what I would say. I saw these executive type guys, I don’t know (maybe) they were part of William Morris (new UFC owners). They were super connected¬†on Rousey’s comeback, they were calling Amanda Nunes ‘Cannon fodder.'”

“They had this idea that she was just going to go in there and storm the castle, and take back the title. It was weird. They¬†were saying the loss was just a bump in the road, just a hiccup. These people who were talking backstage didn’t know Nunes’ name.”

What’s worrying, you ask? The new owners of the UFC, the biggest MMA organization on the globe, have no idea what they are doing!

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  1. I totally agree with Joe Rogan, it looks like the new Owner don’t have a club what they get into but are too proud to ask opinions of others, what is the reason of changing what is giving results?

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