Top 20 Scariest UFC Knockouts That Left Fans Fearing The Worst

By ross
Top 20 Scariest UFC Knockouts That Left Fans Fearing The Worst

Dana White has often stated that there’s never been a death in the history of the UFC and thankfully that still holds true to this day.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been times when fans have been left holding their breath fearing the worst after a particularly brutal knockout that leaves a fighter stretched out on the canvas long after the fight is over.

It’s those alarming minutes in the aftermath of a fight that are the focus of this article as we look back at 20 of the scariest knockouts in UFC history.

Marlon Moraes vs. Aljamain Sterling

Marlon Moraes only needed 67 seconds to produce a devastating knockout against Aljamain Sterling in 2017.

As Sterling ducked into a takedown attempt, Moraes threw a head kick, but it was his knee that connected and sent the ‘Funk Master’ falling face-first onto the mat unconscious.

“Aljamain is still out, I hope he’s ok,” color commentator Paul Felder said as the fighter continued to lay prone afterwards.

The broadcast then cut to a a commercial break, while a visibly distressed Moraes began weeping at the plight of his opponent, who in the end had to be given oxygen before being stretchered out of the Octagon and taken to hospital, but has since recovered and returned to fighting.

Sterling would later voice his disappointment that the UFC didn’t keep fans better informed as to his condition, pointing out that members of his family were left in distress due to a complete lack of updates during the broadcast.