Long Time UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Has Slated the UFC for Giving Conor McGregor Special Treatment…

At this point, not even Conor McGregor’s blindest followers can deny that the ‘Notorious’ gets special treatment from the UFC. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing all of the time. Over the past five years, he has done more than anybody to bring the sport into the mainstream. However, when his dark side is tolerated, then we have a problem.

It looks like the UFC is taking no action against McGregor for his part in the UFC 223 bus attack. Despite the fact that two fighters were injured, and the entire UFC 223 card was overshadowed, McGregor appears to be getting away with it. Again.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has given his reaction to this state of affairs. You might be surprised, but he’s not happy with how the UFC is dealing with the McGregor situation. In the latest episode of his MMA Podcast, he outlined his frustration to Alexander Gustafsson.

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Not Impressed

One of the most obvious points that have been made about this insane situation is that if it were any other fighter, they’d have been kicked out of the organization. Now, if the UFC finds themselves in a similar situation with a different fighter, they have set a bad precedent.

“Switch it around. Imagine if Ray Borg threw that dolly and Conor McGregor were inside. He’d be gone. His career would be over. That’s one of the more f***ed up things about this is that you Conor is getting special treatment. He is, and that’s not good for anybody.”

Rogan has made a very good point. The bus attack isn’t the first McGregor controversy in the past year. He’s been condemned for homophobic language and attacked a referee at a Bellator event. Still, the UFC appears powerless to deal with him.

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Law Suit

According to Rogan, McGregor’s victims, Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, should sue the Irishman for every dollar in his pocket. Chiesa has already announced his intention to file lawsuits against McGregor. Rogan made another interesting point:

“Michael Chiesa, I’m sad that he got cut but Chiesa is a tough bastard, he will be fine. He is probably pissed off, will sue Conor and make a shit load of money suing him. But what if it hit Rose? The f***ing world would hate him. What if Rose was blinded in one eye because of that?”

Rose Namajunas was noticeably distressed after the attack. The UFC strawweight champion chose to walk back to the hotel, rather than wait for alternative transport to be arranged. Rogan’s right – the world would not have been impressed if McGregor had hurt her.

Happier times. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Settle it Outside

Finally, the veteran comedian had some words of advice for McGregor. He’s going to mount up some serious legal costs in the near future. Despite what he might think, his $100 million fortune is not going to last forever, the way things are going.

“If I was Conor, I would settle every f***ing thing outside of a courtroom because if he loses and he gets a felony, he’s f***ed,” Rogan added. “He probably won’t even be able to come into the country.”

Well, there you go. Even the closest of UFC associates is not impressed with how the UFC has handled this situation. What do you think? Should Conor McGregor have been cited by the organization? Or are they doing the right thing by letting it all just fizzle out?

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