Georges St. Pierre Has Made His Feelings Clear on PED Use in MMA… He Believes You Can’t Be Considered the Greatest if You’ve Ever Tested Positive…

One strike and you’re out. That’s what Georges St. Pierre thinks anyway about testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. No, not out of the UFC, but definitely out of the discussion for the Greatest of All Time. ‘Rush’ would definitely know all about the last part, because he’s one of the first names to come up when people talk about the most legendary fighters in MMA.

The two-division champion remains the greatest welterweight of all time – regardless of whatever Tyron Woodley says. He came back after a four-year hiatus to snatch the middleweight championship from Michael Bisping, and looks set to return again for another legacy fight.

St. Pierre has never tested positive for PEDs in his incredible career. So he’s definitely qualified to speak from the moral high ground on the subject.

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Not Right

High profile legends like Anderson Silva and Jon Jones have fallen foul of doping regulations in recent years. They’re just two of the biggest names whose legacies have been tainted by using performance-enhancing drugs – even if in Jones’s case it was judged to have been accidental twice.

“It makes such a difference,” St. Pierre told MMA Fighting. “People have no idea how much of a difference, and I know it because I’ve trained with people who are using peak performance-enhancing drugs. I’ve trained with a lot of them, that I know for sure.”

“I’ve trained with them, and you could see a huge difference. Like, when you grapple with them, it’s not even the same guy. It’s like if you’re taking two different human beings. It’s completely insane.”

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Totally Different

GSP believes that not only do they change fighter’s bodies, they also have a psychological effect. We’ve seen how the likes of Vitor Belfort faltered in the past after doping regulations intensified. It’s clear they make a massive difference. St. Pierre said:

“Also, not only the physique, it changes the mind of the person. So with people, they think it’s only affecting strength and conditioning and stuff like that. No, it doesn’t. It’s not only recuperation — it changes the person entirely. It makes him a better athlete. And yes, I think they should be removed from the discussion.”

“It’s very hard to say that,” St-Pierre added, “because a lot of people, they work hard. We know if they got caught once or twice, but we don’t know if they’re all taking it for all of their life or not, so it’s a hard topic to say. It’s not black or white. It’s grey.”

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Agree or Disagree

If you agree with GSP, then that totally rules Jon Jones out of the GOAT discussion. Many fans will disagree with that, arguing that despite testing positive for turinabol and clenbuterol in the past, they were judged to be accidental and he’s still technically one of the greatest fighters to step into an octagon.

It’s something that fans are destined to keep arguing about into the future. Jones is set to make his comeback in the next few months, as his retroactive USADA suspension allows him back in November. We’ll see what happens next.

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