During his time in the UFC, we’ve seen some quality moments from Tyron Woodley. Currently the UFC welterweight champion, Woodley has taken out some of the best in the division.

As with most fighters, ‘The Chosen One’ has eaten some losses in his UFC career too. Against Rory MacDonald and Jake Shields, Woodley lost decisions. That said, he’s defeated some current and former champs who are truly elite. His thrilling UFC 205 draw with Stephen Thompson was one of 2016’s best.

For all his efforts, Woodley is a very unhappy man right now.

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Woodley’s Accusations of Racism

Speaking with ESPN, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley bared all. Here’s what he said:

“Let’s put the cards on the table, real is real. If I was a different complexion I think people and fans would treat me a different way,”

“Demetrious Johnson, African-American male, completely a Tasmanian devil. Why don’t he have the big endorsements? Why isn’t he making the most money?” 

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“The second Jon Jones slips on a banana peal and do something – now granted, he’s his own worst enemy – they can’t wait to throw him underneath the bus. Other people of a different race are given so many second chances.”

“People don’t like to hear it, but it’s the culture of our sport. We’re dealing with a different set of rules. The UFC fans in general, we go through niches, we go through genres of people we like to fight. This is a genre where they want to see a clean-cut guy like (Thompson) doing a razzle-dazzle, super flashy fighting. Before then, it was guys that would fight to the death. Some people say that’s race in sport. The second I bring up race in sport, I’m immediately race baiting,”

“Going into (the first) fight, I feel like Wonderboy was promoted as he was the champion. I’m the champion. I knocked out the baddest welterweight in the world (Robbie Lawler) in record breaking time. And I don’t get the respect that I deserve. So with that said, don’t have him walk out with American flag like I’m from a different country. Don’t have him paraded around. Don’t have everything revolved around him,”

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Preparing for his UFC 209 rematch with Thompson, is Woodley making enemies of his employers? This isn’t to argue against what he’s saying, but we’ve seen how the promotion can behave in these situations.

Is ‘The Chosen One’ the subject of prejudice/racism?

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  1. No Mr. Woodley, you are simply unlikable because every time you open your mouth it is to complain about what you are not getting that you believe you deserve. Your sanctimonious, insecure, narcissism makes you boorish and uninteresting to fans.

  2. Fuck you, you nigga piece of shit stop crying.everytime you open your mouth you sound like an idiot..Look at Jimbo, Rampage, Anderson Silva..They were real classy champs and fighters.thats why they are worth millions and your crying racism..Fucking idiot.keep your mouth shut and fight.you just might earn fans respect… Typical nigga

    • You are so full of talk…who needs to call out someone’s skin colour just to make a point? I would punch you in your face if I knew you. I promise you wouldn’t get back up. Believe that.

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