Uh oh…

Following UFC 207, many things became clear. After all the talk of Ronda Rousey’s comeback, she was simply not ready. This isn’t to say she would have dominated Amanda Nunes if she had more time.

Obviously the champion is a highly skilled opponent, but top level fighters don’t just get destroyed like that. According to the public reaction, there’s one man shouldering more blame than anyone else.

Yep, you guessed it.

Coach Edmond

Rousey’s boxing just wasn’t there, at all. Nobody, apart from maybe Edmond, expected ‘Rowdy’ to outbox Nunes. Simply being able to survive the initial exchanges would’ve shown, perhaps, that Rousey had indeed got better.

411 days since her last fight, and Rousey looked like she hadn’t trained correctly. Is it fair for Edmond Tarverdyan to take the blame? There’s been a lot of talk about coach Edmond since then, but the latest reports indicate some serious problems at his gym.

Firstly, it looks like the most talented heavyweight to join coach Edmond is gone. It just so happens it’s Ronda Rousey’s boyfriend Travis Browne:

Secondly, Tarverdyan was told he had two days to pay $160K to settle his bankruptcy case, or his gym would be sold:

Bankruptcy deadline

The Trustee contends, among other things, that: (1) the Transfer is avoidable as a fraudulent transfer under the Bankruptcy Code and California law and/or as a preferential transfer under the Bankruptcy Code; and (2) all of the right, title and interest in GFC is community property that is property of the estate. [Tarverdyan] and Avetisyan dispute these contentions.

According to the settlement, Tarverdyan and Avetisyan have until Jan. 15 to pay the $160,000 in full. Should they fail to do so, the rights and title to GFC and its assets will be deemed community property and the trustee will have the right to sell GFC and its assets and retain the proceeds for the estate and the creditors.

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