The Atlanta Hawks have major upgrades on their roster before the season start. The Hawks were one of the worst teams last year but with them acquiring new talents, they have a strong case for championship contention.

Trae Young who has proven time and time that he is a legit all-star player has gotten a good supporting cast to win it all. They may not win the championship next year but they are surely gonna be in the playoffs if the team is healthy.

Former OKC, Danilo Gallinari has been acquired by the Atlanta Hawks. Gallinari is a proven role player that could become off the bench. In order to get a winning team, the team needs a good role player to function.

Two-time Boston-Laker Champion, Rajon Rondo has also gone to the Atlanta Hawks. Rondo was an essential player with the Lakers championship recently. He proved to be a facilitator and could mentor a bit with the young star Trae Young. The playoff Rondo is real because he does play differently when it is playoff time.

Another key player Bogdan Bogdanovic is a huge steal. Giannis’s top player to play with is Bogdan Bogdanovic which says a lot coming from the reigning MVP and DPOY. The Sacramento Kings were not able to match the offer of the Hawks, prompting Bogdan to leave the Kings and go to the Hawks.

There are still teams that are tough to beat in the East. With the Brooklyn Nets, the dynamic duo of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant they may still be the favorite in the East. Boston Celtics also has a talented roster with Jayson Tatum leading the way.

The Atlanta Hawks could prove to be the Dark Horse of the NBA season restart. Trae Young is still improving and getting better even though his performance is now all-star caliber.

The projected starting lineup of the Atlanta Hawks might be Trae Young, Bogdan Bognavoic, Deandre Hunter, John Collins, and Clint Capella. Their bench is top tier in terms of role players is concerned.

It is going to be exciting for Atlanta Hawks fans coming off a team with the second-worst record in the East. They might have the most improved roster and might go to the playoffs.




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