Daniel Dubois did QUIT inside the ring but there is nothing to be ashamed of

There are some boxing fans saying that Dubois has no strong heart because he quit against Joyce. But if you look at it, any tough boxer would have quit given the condition he was in. Dubois’s eye was pretty bad that the young boxer just took a knee.

It was the gamechanger of the game and marked the beginning of the end. For people saying that Dubois has no heart of a lion, that is just not true. He did quit but had he continued it would have ended his boxing career permanently.

The best-case scenario for the fight would have been the cornermen of Dubois’s to have thrown the towel rather than let Dubois take the knee. The corner

It was revealed after the fight that Dubois suffered a broken eye socket which is a serious injury. There is nothing to be ashamed of Dubois giving up inside the ring, he took so much damage that it could have led to permanent health damage. It was not like the last minute of the 12th round, it was still a long way to the end of the bout.

Given how young and inexperienced Dubois is, he can learn much more since he is just at the beginning of his career. The talent is there but one might fear if the current injury will factor into his future boxing bouts.

Dubois could not evade the slow jab of Joyce which was kinda bad. The jab of Joyce is slow but Dubois cannot see it and evade it but not to knock on Dubois’s defense but it may be due to Joyce’s awkward jab that is hard to read.

The boxing career is not a 100m dash, it is a marathon where it matters in the long run and not how you start your career.

Fortunately, Dubois posted a statement regarding his loss and saying that he will come back stronger and prove to the haters that he is still a rising star. He also congratulated Joe Joyce’s win and accepted his defeat.

Meanwhile, Joe Joyce’s quest to be a heavyweight champion continues, as he is looking to fight the top elites of the heavyweight. He has called out Oleksandr Usyk and thinks that he can match up well given his style. Joe Joyce gave his respect to the defeated Dubois.




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