There are few things more exhilarating in the sport of MMA than a thrilling comeback against the odds in a fight where a fighter appears to be down and out, only to then dig deep and emerge victorious in unforgettable moments of high drama.

What’s even sweeter is when it happens during a UFC title fight when the stakes are at their highest and the competition its fiercest. That’s the focus of this article as we look at the 10 best title fight comebacks ever seen inside the Octagon. Enjoy.

10. Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski 2

Having lost to Arlovski in their first fight for the interim belt a year earlier, Sylvia was eager to make amends. They clashed for a second time at UFC 59 with the winner set to become the UFC heavyweight champion. The worst-case scenario occurred for Sylvia midway through the first round. Arlovski hammered him with a right that felled the 6′ 8″ fighter like a tree.

The fight could have easily been stopped there. But to his credit, Sylvia got back to his feet quickly, albeit visibly on wobbly legs. Arlovski caught him clean with another punch. Sensing a finish was near, Arlovski stepped in with guns blazing, only for Sylvia to catch him with a counter uppercut that floored him face-first onto the canvas. A series of big hooks secured a stunning come-from-behind TKO victory. Incredible stuff from ‘The Maineiac.’

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