Conor McGregor Had ‘Secret Taxi Meeting’ With Elderly Victim

Conor McGregor Allegedly Met His Elderly Victim in a Taxi After Punching the Man for Turning Down His Whiskey… 

It’s a bad time to be Conor McGregor. Arguably his stock has been at its lowest since 2015. He might still be able to command massive purses and is pushing out a career in the business world, but he’s definitely lost a load of goodwill in the eyes of the public – and especially his countrymen in Ireland.

The Notorious made headlines for allegedly punching an old man who turned down a shot of whiskey in a Dublin pub called The Marble Arch. We don’t blame the guy if he did reject a shot of paint stripper. McGregor was probably lucky he didn’t drink it because this could be a murder investigation instead of a minor assault.

Now The Sun has reported that McGregor actually met up with the man after the alleged incident took place. Now, what could they have been talking about? Money, money, money?

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No Thanks

McGregor’s legal team must love him because they truly get a lot of business out of their client. In the infamous clip of the alleged incident that went down in April 2019, McGregor is seen to throw a punch at the 51-year old gentleman. It’s reported by the Sun that he said: “I don’t want your whiskey” when McGregor bought a round of drinks for the bar.

That was enough to trigger McGregor and so he threw a suckerpunch at the old guy. His entourage was quick to drag him away and prevent the incident from escalating further. It was very stupid of him to get involved and risk yet another lawsuit.

YouTube video

Taxi Talk

After taking the punch like it was nothing, McGregor’s alleged victim left in a taxi. The Sun are alleging that McGregor and one of his minders actually got into the taxi with the man and spoke to him. What could he have said? Did he offer to buy him off or threaten him? We won’t know unless the 51-year-old man speaks to the media. A source told The Sun:

“It’s anyone’s guess what was discussed in the taxi, perhaps McGregor was trying to apologise for the incident. The man was just in the pub for a quiet drink and after the incident, he calmly finished his pint and got into the taxi. Gardai (The Irish Police) had to look into the meeting because it formed part of the overall investigation.”

Conor McGregor outside the Marble Arch Pub. Screenshot: Twitter.

Facing Charges

McGregor is facing a charge of minor assault which would likely see him get fined. Once again the obvious worry is that he has issues with securing entry to the US in the future. His other problem is that fans are definitely becoming weary of his crazy behaviour.

At the end of the day, he became famous because he was a good fighter. If he doesn’t fight then he will become irrelevant. His whiskey and clothesline will just have short-term success. If he does go down though, it could be spectacular.

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