According to Joe Rogan, Georges St. Pierre shows evidence of brain damage…

Joe Rogan is not afraid to make blunt and controversial statements. He’s been doing it his whole career. Recently on an episode of “the Joe Rogan Experience” however, Rogan revealed some information regarding Georges St. Pierre that many will find controversial.

According to Rogan, Georges St. Pierre shows definite signs of brain damage.

It’s not the first time Rogan has claimed a prominent MMA personality is showing signs of brain damage, however. Rogan has previously stated on his podcast that he believes UFC President, Dana White, also exhibits symptoms associated with head trauma.

“Dana’s been hit in the head a lot. Notoriously impulsive, notoriously susceptible to addiction, whether it’s gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, it’s a big part of CTE. That’s brain damage, from getting hit in the head. He did a lot of boxing when he was young, had his dome rattled.”

Mar 16, 2013; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Nick Diaz (blue) misses a punch on Georges St.Pierre (red) during their Welterweight title bout at UFC 158 at the Bell Centre. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Damage Georges St. Pierre Has Taken

Georges St. Pierre has taken his share of damage to the head throughout his career. Rogan spoke on his podcast about just how many times GSP has been hit in the head.

“I think they did a stat before the Bisping fight, I think it was more than 800 times he got hit in the head in his UFC career, forget about all the gym training, forget about all the other stuff and forget about fights outside the UFC.”

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

George St. Pierre’s Health Status

Following his defeat of Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight championship, GSP announced he would not defend the belt. According to GSP, the move up in weight class led to a condition called ulcerative colitis. 

He posted a message to his Facebook account shortly after the Bisping fight:

“I now understand the health issues that I had during my last training camp… I hoped my condition would improve after the fight but unfortunately it got worse and I had to go straight to the hospital for a colonoscopy when I came back from vacation last Wednesday. The diagnosis is ulcerative colitis and I am now taking medication that will hopefully appease the symptoms. My health is my #1 priority right now, I’m still a very happy man, thanks for your support!!!”

Check out this clip of Joe Rogan and Pat Militech discussing Georges St. Pierre:

YouTube video

Joe Rogan States Belief GSP Has Brain Damage

When the topic of Georges St. Pierre came up recently on Rogan’s MMA podcast, GSPs history of making alien abduction claims was discussed.

“I think it’s head trauma,” Rogan said when asked by Pat Miletich about GSP’s alien stories.

For those unaware, GSP has discussed his belief that he may experience periodical alien abductions. He feels this way because he sometimes experiences “missing time”.

“The way he was describing things is very similar to the way people describe things when they’ve experienced excessive head trauma.”

He misses time, his memory’s not good. Like, he’ll get home and he’ll have groceries that he bought and left in the trunk and not even realize it.”

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