Everybody wants to fight UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, right now. The popular Irishman’s reach is not limited to just the UFC though. Stars from mixed martial arts, boxing and even pro wrestling are calling McGregor out.

After defeating Jose Aldo for the title at UFC 194, McGregor fought twice at welterweight against Nate Diaz. Going 1-1 against the Stockton bad boy, McGregor set his sights on the lightweight title and Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

McGregor smoked Alvarez like a cheap joint in New York. From then on the world was his oyster. Offers and challenges came in left and right, but one particular rumour began circulating wider than any other.

Following a brief retirement before the second Diaz fight, literally two days, McGregor became embroiled with Floyd Mayweather. The Irish star and ‘Money’ teased the combat sports world by stoking rumours about a future boxing match.

Floyd Mayweather lands a stiff right hand en route to his tenth round stoppage of Conor McGregor on August 26, 2017…

Who Wants Some?

‘Red panty night’ is how Conor McGregor described a fight with him. When you look at the numbers he pulls in for UFC pay-per-views, you have to agree. He is the money fight right now, and that’s the way MMA is going.

When Mayweather and McGregor finally fought on August 26 this year, it was red panty night indeed. The two made bank on their spectacle fight, and ironically it was Canelo vs. Gennady Golovkin that ended up tarnishing boxing more.

Thanks to the outrageous scoring of one allegedly incompetent/corrupt judge, GGG vs. Alvarez left a sour taste.


Money Mac

The fights against Nate Diaz came about by chance, but there’s another huge welterweight name being tossed around. Fake news reports of McGregor fighting Canelo next have been shot down by multiple sources.

Former UFC 170-pound champion and all-time great Georges St-Pierre is coming back, facing Michael Bisping at UFC 217. Should GSP beat ‘The Count,’ he’ll hold the UFC middleweight title.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan heard about reports of the Irishman potentially facing GSP, and sent a stern warning to Conor McGregor…


Prepare to get wrestle f*cked!

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan may not be a fighter now, but he’s been around MMA for 20 years. Rogan also has experience as a Tae Kwon Do champion and is a very popular character in the UFC.

When he heard about Conor McGregor’s rumoured interest in a fight with Georges St-Pierre, Rogan made a very interesting statement. GSP’s wrestling pedigree is undoubtedly some of the best in UFC history, and Joe doesn’t fancy Conor’s chances.

YouTube video

Wow, don’t hold back there Joe. Do you agree with Rogan and his podcast companion Brendan Schaub? With reports coming in of a UFC 219 bout with Nate Diaz, McGregor is yet again holding the MMA world hostage.

Whoever or wherever he ends up fighting next, ‘The Notorious’ will no doubt demand a massive paycheck. The question is will the UFC be able to pay him what he wants? Unlike boxing, the UFC has never coughed up even close to $100 million.

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  1. McGregor would get his ass kicked back to Ireland. GSP is just to good of a fighter. McGregor can fight the little fellas at 155. Shit, he was beat by Nate Diaz.

  2. When he loses to Bisping he’s done, he said one loss and he’s retired for good. I wouldn’t put too much faith in GSP, remember how bad he got killed by Hendricks?

    • You mean.. the roided out Hendricks? the one who didn’t win a fight post USADA until what a few months ago? lol please.. GSP in under 3.5 rounds.

    • I thought your comment naive/stupid 2 months ago; now it’s confirmed, you have low fighter IQ…so sad

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