For all the trash talk and harsh feelings, both Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones were shown to be very human after UFC 214...

Old School MMA fans know how nostalgic it is to see Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones going at each other again. One of the greatest rivalries in Modern MMA, both respect each other as a fighter but as person they want rip their heads off.

The trash talk reignited when Daniel Cormier said that Jones does not have the power to knockout in the heavyweight division. Cormier is talking this as an analyst and not a hater, but Jones took it differently. He posted a video of him knocking out Daniel Cormier in their rematch.

Cormier then responded that he was talking about Jones punching power. In their fight, the Jones landed a head kick that led to a knockout victory against Cormier but was later overturned to a no contest due to Jones testing positive for Turinabol.

Cormier always said that Jones’s boxing doesn’t hit hard but rather his elbows and kicks are what makes him dangerous. Cormier may be in the right here as Jones was never known for his boxing but rather his creativity and fighting IQ. He is gifted with a long reach to create distance but he does not possess knockout power punches.

A classic Jones vs Cormier rivalry but Jones also has a chance to prove Cormier wrong when he makes his heavyweight debut against either Miocic or Ngannou. It will certainly be an exciting debut that most fans are looking forward to. Will his increased size negate his speed or will Jones dominate another division once more?

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