Jon Jones Demands Release as Dana White Beef Heats Up

By Darren
Jon Jones Demands Release as Dana White Beef Heats Up

Jon Jones may be the greatest UFC fighter of all-time. But not all is well in Bonesville as a feud with Dana White reaches the brink. The light-heavyweight champion says that White is lying to the public about Jones and further damaging his reputation.

It all kicked off after Jones demanded a pay increase to fight Francis Ngannou. Most people would consider that to be a reasonable request. It is a very high-risk fight for Jones, but the UFC isn’t interested. Furthermore, White claims that the money Jones is asking for is outrageous.

Now things have escalated. Jones is demanding that White’s lawyer releases text messages to prove that he’s not lying. He’s also denied that he wants the same amount of money as Deontay Wilder. Check out the tweets below.

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White is not in a forgiving mood these days. He is refusing to give in to Jones’s demands. In short, he told Brett Okamoto that the 205lb king wants $30 million to fight Ngannou. Obviously no UFC fighter is getting that kind of money, not even Conor McGregor. It’s not the first time that White has feuded publically with a fighter. He wrote:

“Let me just put it this way. Jon Jones wasn’t asking for $5 million more dollars; he was asking for an obscene amount of money. And if Jon Jones wants to speak publicly and say what the number was, that’s up to him.”

“I’ll quote him and what he had said to my lawyer. He told my lawyer he wants what Deontay Wilder was paid,” White later clarified. “I think it was $30 million was what Deontay Wilder was paid.”


As you can see from the tweet above, Jones demanded that White’s lawyer release their text messages. He also went on the attack. He emphatically denied that he asked for $30 million but says that he is being undervalued. This is a perennial problem for elite MMA fighters. He wrote in separate tweets:

“Don’t be a f**ing liar, my reputation has already taking enough hits. I don’t need this bulls**t Dana. I never asked for Diante Wilder‘s numbers. And how about since Diante is making 30 million, we settle for half of that. Since you said I’m the goat and everything.”

“I don’t even make half of half of what Diante Wilder makes. If my reputation causes you to undervalue me this much. Just go ahead and release me from my @Ufc contract altogether. I’m sure some promoter somewhere will be more than happy to pick me up.”

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Unlike most fighters, Jones can play hardball with the UFC. It’s a mystery how long he will continue to fight but he wants to make as much money as possible during this time. Furthermore, he has a basis for comparison. Both of his brothers are Super Bowl champions. Arthur was a star for the Baltimore Ravens while Chandler now plays for the Arizona Cardinals. Jones believes that he should be on par with them. He tweeted:

“And if I wanted to compare money to someone else, I would compare money to my brothers. I see firsthand the way the NFL treats their champion athletes, there’s a huge difference. I’ve kept my mouth shut my entire career.”

“Do I make 5+ per fight yes. Should I stick to that number for my super fights? No. If you don’t agree with me you just don’t know business. I certainly didn’t ask for 30, never even threw out a number.”