WATCH: Cain Velasquez Wreaks Havoc on Pro-Wrestling Debut

By Darren
WATCH: Cain Velasquez Wreaks Havoc on Pro-Wrestling Debut

YES WE KNOW IT’S FAKE… But If You Can’t Enjoy Cain Velasquez Jumping Around Like a Mad Man Then You’ve Got No Soul… Check Out Velasquez’s Pro-Wrestling Debut… 

Cain Velasquez has had a rough few years. He might not be the GOAT of the heavyweight division, but he’s definitely up there in the conversation. The two-time UFC champ has had an insane career and was one of the most destructive fighters on the planet in his prime.

Over the past number of years, he’s suffered endlessly with injuries. His back has been one of the worst issues, while he’s also had knee problems. Earlier this year he made his long-awaited comeback against Francis Ngannou but ended up getting scorched in the first round.

Velasquez is still contracted to the UFC but has now gone and made his professional wrestling debut. It’s not real fighting we know – and we’re not going to spam you with it – but it’s definitely great to see the big man moving around like a man without a care in the world.


Velasquez appeared at TripleMania, one of AAA’s biggest shows. It took place at Arena Ciudad in Mexico City, ironically the same venue where he lost his title to Fabricio Werdum four years earlier. The former champion was wearing a traditional Mexican wrestling luchador mask.

A massive fan of Mexican Lucha Libre, he didn’t want to play off of his MMA background, instead choosing to go back to his roots and pay respects to cultural icons like El Santos and Mil Mascaras. On the night he teamed up with two partners, including Cody Rhodes and Killer Clown.


Some think the mask was a mistake, but let’s be real, it’s wrestling, not MMA and he wants to create his character.  Velasquez got a massive reaction from the rapturous crowd when he was tagged in after about four minutes into the round. Kross and Texano both tagged out because they didn’t want to deal with the mad man.

Poor old Taurus was left to face the former heavyweight champion of the world. He’s a very talented luchador but got bounced around by the actual athlete. Velasquez connected with a Lucha Libre Tijera, basically, a flying head scissors-like move, followed by a judo throw, and then a springboard on the ropes flipping into an arm drag.

The last part was the best for sure. For a man his size and with his injuries, you’d never have expected such an energetic and acrobatic performance. Cain Velasquez did a flip. That’s a great sentence.


He’d finally finish off Texano with a kimura to get the win. Of course, it’s all scripted but still very entertaining to see a UFC heavyweight champion make his debut like that. Now we’ll never report on him doing it again. Don’t worry. One man who was impressed though was his teammate and self-confessed pro-wrestling fan Daniel Cormier. DC tweeted:

“Successful debut for my boy @cainmma, he did so good. I didn’t even know he could do a flip lol. What an athlete. Good job brother. I am so happy for you, Michelle , coral and little Cain!!!”

You’ve got to respect that.