Jon Jones Drops the Mic in Final Response to Chuck Liddell

Jon Jones and Chuck Liddell’s Online Feud Has Continued But This Time Jones Has Ruthlessly Dropped the Mic…

It’s one of the most bizarre modern rivalries. One is arguably the greatest light-heavyweight of all time, while the other is… arguably the greatest light-heavyweight of all time. Nevermind actually. However, Jon Jones is 30 and Chuck Liddell is 48. Despite this, the pair has been engaged in an entertaining online feud.

Liddell officially announced his unretirement on the MMA Hour the other day and announced that he would probably be fighting Tito Ortiz again under Oscar de la Hoya’s new Goldenboy MMA. However, he also said that after a couple of fights he’d like to have a crack at Jon Jones.

Obviously, Jones found this deluded and hilarious. He dropped a couple of tweets aimed at humiliating the ‘Iceman’ and started off an entertaining, if not slightly unkind Twitter feud. However, it looks like Jones knows something we don’t because after his final response you could almost literally hear the mic drop.


‘Bones’ isn’t a stranger to an online feud, although he really picks the most unlikely people to get involved with. Remember that time Miesha Tate brutalized him? Anyway, the 3-time UFC light-heavyweight champion kicked it off you with the message you can see above.

Jon Jones’s life outside the cage has tarnished by numerous well-known incidents. Most notoriously he was involved in a collision with a pregnant woman. However, it seems obvious that he’s alleging that Liddell has abused substances in the past.


There are two really noteworthy things about the screenshot that Jones then shared on Twitter. The first is that he really should charge his battery – it’s starting to run dangerously low. The second is that Liddell’s last few fights were absolutely appalling.

As you can see, he lost five of his last six. Four of those defeats were by some form of KO. That’s really not good. Liddell hasn’t fought for eight years. I’ll remind you: he’s 48. With all due respect to the former champion, chins just don’t grow back. There’s a reason why Jones doesn’t have any time for this deluded nonsense.


Finally, Jones sent Liddell away with an ultimatum, telling the Californian that if he wants to fight, then he knows where he should go. Jones trains out of Jackson-Wink in Albuquerque, New Mexico and he not-so-cordially invited the ‘Iceman’ down for a visit. He told Liddell:

“I’m done with all this Internet bullshit for the time being, if you something else to say to me I’ve already invited you down to Albuquerque. Take care old man Ladelle.”

It’s highly unlikely that the pair will ever fight but there is absolutely no doubt that lightbulbs are flashing in Oscar de la Hoya’s brain after this. If people would watch Liddell vs Ortiz III, there is absolutely no doubt that Liddell vs Jones would sell as well. Meanwhile, Liddell has to wait on the verdict of the California State Athletic Commision before he returns to action.

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