The Light-heavyweight champion is feeling unmotivated…

Jon Jones has been going wild on Twitter over the past 12 hours. The light-heavyweight star is the most dominant champion on the roster. He’s never lost a championship bout and has captured the belt four times. 205lbs is his division. End of story.

The problem is that he’s suffering from a deficit of challengers at the moment. Although Dominick Reyes might disagree, there really isn’t a very exciting contender at the moment. Johnny Walker is close but not there yet. In the meantime, Jones is getting stir-crazy.

In short, he wants a super-fight and that means moving up to heavyweight. Analysts have long felt that he could seal his status as the greatest of all time by capturing the most prestigious title in combat sports.

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Jones outlined his reasons for not wanting to fight Reyes. Basically he’s not excited by the fight. Although Reyes hits like a thunderbolt, there is some truth to the fact that he’s still an unknown. Jones would go into the fight as a massive favourite and there wouldn’t be massive viewing figures. ‘Bones’ replied to his fans’ tweets:

“Really not sure when I’ll be fighting next, feel like I have nothing to gain by beating Dominic. I’ve actually felt that way about my last two opponents. I want a super fight.”

“Had a chip on my shoulder against Gus. Fighting Smith Santos Dominic??? I’m having a hard time even talking s**t to this last dude. They all say the same lame s**t.. I want a fight to be excited about.”


A super-fight quite simply means a move up to heavyweight. Jones has his eye on the winner of Daniel Cormier v Stipe Miocic. If the latter wins, then it’s simple. Make them fight. However, a Cormier victory could complicate things. He’s in no mood to do Jones any favours and is planning to retire after the Miocic trilogy, win or lose.

The big question is how would Jones cope with the increased physicality of heavyweights. Miocic is a very effective all-rounder. Meanwhile, an undepleted Cormier is a different prospect to 205lb DC. Nobody knows until Jones moves up. In short, that’s what makes it so intriguing. Anything to increase the chance of losing because let’s face it, that’s what will get the numbers up.

Francis Time?

There’s another option which would be equally intriguing. Who knows how long it will take for the winner of Cormier and Miocic to recover? Meanwhile, Francis Ngannou has emerged as the clear number one challenger in the division. If you want to answer the question of whether Jones can handle heavyweight power then there’s your solution.

Jones is definitely technically better than Ngannou and even has a reach advantage. But one touch from ‘The Predator’ will send you to sleep. Now that would be an incredibly exciting fight. You can bet that if there’s any chance of getting those two men to fight for an interim title, the UFC will be all over it.

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