It’s been a while since we’ve heard an MMA fighter call out a boxer. Over the past week, Tyson Fury challenged his MMA counterparts, but now Jorge Masvidal is getting involved. The BMF champion is having the year of his life. Now, he wants to step up his career with a fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Alvarez just became a four-weight champion after beating Sergey Kovalev. Many people are calling him the pound-for-pound number one boxer in the world. Both Masvidal and Canelo fought on the same night. Now ‘Gamebred’ thinks that it is fate that they fight.

He truly fancies his chances against the great Mexican boxer. Would you be interested in watching this fight go down? It’s combat sports, so anything could happen.

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‘Gamebred’ is one of the best boxers in MMA today. He started off as a streetfighter before getting into mixed martial arts. First of all, he’s got great footwork and savage combinations. Just look at how he pieced up Nate Diaz. Not only is he slick, but he’s also got knockout power.

“I can box. I can hit hard. I’ve got different angles. I’m not going to get tired in a 12 round boxing event, especially if I have time to prepare for it,” Masvidal said during the UFC 244 post-fight scrum. “It’s just kind of fate. He’s fighting today, I’m fighting today. I heard we f—king killed him on the pay-per-views.”

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Good Chance

Of course, the MayMac fight is the reason every MMA fighter wanted to cross over to boxing. To sum up, there is a lot of money to be made from it. However, Masvidal genuinely fancies his chances against Canelo. He believes that his movement would be very problematic for the Mexican. If he fought like an MMA fighter, rather than like a boxer, then he thinks he would have a better chance of winning.

“In the wake of Conor and Mayweather, it showed me a lot of things that I thought were good and bad,” Masvidal said. “I saw they can’t read us as well as they can read a boxer. Our movements are different. How we cover distance is different. Those things give them problems.

I think I can throw enough punches that I can attack Canelo and put him on his ass. I’d be going for the knockout, obviously. Nothing else. This is not to disrespect Canelo, because I think the dude is a beast. I think he’s a stud.”

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Masvidal is one of the most intense men in MMA. In short, he believes that it would be an incredible experience to get to fight Canelo. After all, the Mexican champion is a true boxing legend. But ‘Gamebred’ also believes he has the honour of MMA fighters to defend. Canelo has talked down mixed martial artists in the past. The BMF champ would like to make him pay. He said:

“It would be an honour to get in the ring with him. But he did say some sh-t like no MMA fighter would be a challenge and this and that. I beg to differ.”

Considering DAZN seems to like MMA so much, maybe they’ll try and make this for real. Stranger things have happened in the combat sports world.

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