Francis Ngannou is one of the most feared heavyweight MMA fighters on the planet. Is he the most technically gifted? No. Nor is he the most well-rounded martial artist in the game. But he does possess phenomenal power and clinical timing. ‘The Predator’ has a terrifying ability to remove you from the conscious realm.

So it would take a brave man to call him out. Or a stupid one. Tyson Fury is either one or the other because he has said that he’d like to fight the Cameroonian in the near future. ‘The Gypsy King’ said that he’s considering crossing over to MMA. Now, how dangerous would that be for his health?

Ngannou has had the help of another heavyweight boxing legend over the past couple of days. Check out his encounter with Mike Tyson on the boxing giant’s podcast. The UFC title contender has said that ‘Iron Mike’ has promised to help him prepare for any fight with Fury.


In the clip above you can see Tyson moving around Ngannou. He slips and throws a hook to the body and then to the head. It’s vintage from ‘Iron Mike’ and a stark reminder of what he used to do during his reign as heavyweight champion. Furthermore, it’s a startling reminder of how massive Ngannou is.

Whether or not Ngannou pays attention to what Tyson showed him, you can bet that the giant Cameroonian will have enjoyed spending time with the boxing legend. ‘The Predator’ used to box in his native country. Then he moved to France in an effort to further his career but wound up transitioning to MMA.


Ngannou obviously wants that payday. In short, he’s going to run with this and hope something comes of it. And you can’t blame him because one fight with Fury would probably earn more than he’d make from a full UFC career. As you can see, he tweeted the following:

“Spoke with Mike Tyson and he agreed to train me for when I fight @Tyson_Furyin the Ring. Don’t be scared Fury. You called me out and now you’ll have to live with it. #WakandaForever #UNCROWNEDKING.”

Of course, it all depends on what ruleset we’re talking. Fury is the one who raised the prospect of fighting in MMA. If that happens, then it would be a short night at the office. To sum up, one leg kick would ruin ‘The Gypsy King’s’ night. But hey, it gets both their names out there right? This is show business.

Quick Response

Fury is not a man who is afraid of making his thoughts known. He’s already sent a video message to Deontay Wilder this week, so of course, he had no problem responding to Ngannou. The lineal heavyweight champion told him that he’d deal with the MMA fighters after beating his boxing rivals. That’s excellent get out of jail free card, because with boxing politics it may never happen. He tweeted:

“Ill deal with you and all the other Mma heavyweights when I’m done with my boxing fights, It won’t be long to wait! Then I’ll show u how we roll.”

Furthermore, there’s such little chance of Fury actually taking an MMA fight against a monster like Ngannou that it’s silly to even analyse it. You’d also expect Fury to pick apart Ngannou in a boxing match so is there any real hope for either man as a challenger?

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